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Trump will NOT address the British Parliament
Doc Wrote:I end it by paying a compliment to another country, please everyone else join in.

France thank you for smokeless powder.

Iceland is pretty badass all around.
"Is it the life that you lead, or the life that's led for you?"
- Chris Chasse, formerly of Rise Against
princealbertofb Wrote:@Doc, you may find this particular point of view interesting, in fact.]

Why not just answer his question in your own words? I hardly think anyone would bother listening to all that, [MENTION=1766]princealbertofb[/MENTION].

A stunning opportunity.
NativeSon Wrote:Why not just answer his question in your own words? I hardly think anyone would bother listening to all that, @princealbertofb.
Thanks for your remark, @NativeSon, but as I was listening to the programme, I thought it answered some of @Doc's questions. It was a reasonable sharing of information. I have already answered the question, I believe. You personally may not be interested in spending a quarter of an hour / half and hour listening to (interesting) podcasts, but some people are. I was just sharing some philosophical thinking with anyone who might be interested. I have no idea if @Doc will want to listen to it, or even find it interesting, but I can still share. My opinion is probably less well formed than the ( more knowledgeable) person talking on the programme. Please, allow me to share information with the people from this site, when I find a relevance or some interest in what it says or portrays.

What do you mean by a 'stunning opportunity' ?
Doc Wrote:All Im saying is I just hate how everyone just bawls the U.S. out all of of the time. People seem to act like Americans are the biggest assholes in the world, how the fuck are we supposed to feel?

I know its seems like we just go around the world doing evil shit all day, but we do help people. Ask the Kurds how they felt about the invasion of Iraq and you will get a different answer than if you asked some cheesedick millennial with a man bun. It just seems like everyone gangs up on our country and Im tired of it.

The middle east is stable with dictators unfortunately we dislike them, sadly they were/ are the only ones brutal enough to do the job like Hussein and Assad. Democracy isnt for everybody. In my opinion is dangerous to let common people vote.

Getting involved in this thread is like a getting involved land war in Asia, it just keeps sucking you in until it drives you out of your mind. Smile

I end it by paying a compliment to another country, please everyone else join in.

France thank you for smokeless powder.
Ok, @Doc, I know this is going to sound like a stereotype, but stereotypes do have some foundations, sometimes. The way to look at things should generally be measured and nuanced, as you are certainly aware. It's generally not all a black and white, yes or no, situation. Americans (here's the stereotype) like to think of their country as 'the best', and think of Americans as 'the top'' in all sorts of ways. Sometimes this is true and is recognised as true by other peoples and other nations. But when we look carefully at the situation, there are a lot of caveats. The French are seen mostly as 'arrogant', and I'm guessing there must be an ounce of truth in this, but it's difficult to tar a whole country or populations with one brush even if some characteristics or features seem to be prevalent.
Anyway, because of that feeling, perception, idea, that the United States says and knows it is the best country on earth, there might be some jealousy, of course, but there might also be some expectation that what they're saying is the truth, therefore that they should lead. No ? Nevertheless, since we are not in an all black -all white situation, some of us (even your own people) see that the US has some shortcomings, as other countries and peoples do too, but we could still expect it to do better, can't we? So, no, you are not the biggest assholes in the word, but maybe sometimes it would be good that you admit when you are being such assholes. Right now, a lot of people around the world are scared of changes that are coming, and some of them are perceived as being regressive, so let's not be surprised that we don't all see eye to eye with the new president's view of how the country should be run, even if you think that's it's none of our business. The US hasn't blinkered its outreach into the rest of the world, so neither should we. After all half of the American population (roughly) did not vote for Trump and his team, so how are we to interpret that? It's a balancing act, that's for sure.
Thank you for confirming all these thoughts do not exist in a vacuum. Cos I was sure they didn't.

I didn't see #42 . Live and learn.

Are you afraid? If so, of what specifically?
At the risk of sidetracking the thread, [MENTION=24108]Doc[/MENTION]....
Denmark has great butter cookies / biscuits.
Was that so hard?

Had to pry it out.

Thank you Mexico and Canada for being U.S. touchers.

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