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UK Meet Up London
IanSaysHi Wrote:Let's not go to Basingstoke. I've never been, but for some reason I store it in the same area of my brain as 'Dunstable' and 'Skegness'.

I'm still up for London, but that's just me being selfish because it's geographically desirable for me. I'd have to get the train wherever else, like you say I don't mind visiting new places. I wouldn't be able to do December as virtually all my money goes on Christmas.

No of course. I am thinking in the new year. London is half an hour on train for me so it is easier.

And yeah. I've never been to Skegness but the fact there is a place called SKEG-anything is says all we need to know.
How does Birmingham sound???
bumping the thread lol
We'll be expecting a thread with group pics!
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