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US-Canadian Relationship
Hiya! My boyfriend and I are currently in a long distance relationship. We've been together for almost two years. (He's in graduate school in Ottawa and I'm in undergrad in New York) We have intentions of moving in together when we graduate from our respective universities, but we're a little worried/ nervous about the process and really don't know how to look into this. By the time he moves here, we'll have been together for over 3 years, and while we have discussed marriage, at 24 and 23, we'd still rather wait a couple of years, as I'm still on my parents' insurance. The other problem is that he wants to work and also go to school for his PhD, and I've heard that some visas only allow for one or the other.

Any advice would be appreciated if you have gone through a similar process or know someone who has. Thanks Smile
The easiest would be to get married and then get him a green card. I have heard that immigration and all visas are easier for Canadians than it is for others, but don't know any specifics. You should find pertinent info on the website of an American consulate/embassy in Canada.

I'm German, so we got married as soon as we could and filed the application for my Greencard the next day in August 2013. I had been living with my American boyfriend in the US for 13 years at that time, living from work-visa to work-visa, totally dependent on my employer).

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