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Utterly absurd times
Someone sent me a link to a shortened version of this. I wish I were brave enough to do what this guy is doing. We live in crazy times and we allow ourselves to be manipulated by authority. My mind is full of questions. Asking questions at the wrong time, in the wrong place or of the wrong people has got me in a lot of trouble in the past. I'm happy to try out possible solutions, but I would much rather ask questions than be convinced I have the answers. That is not the same as avoiding responsibility. Rolleyes

I love this Channel. Its my favourite on YouTube. I have been out on the streets, myself, before, spreading a similar message to the one he does.
Marshalnder I'v subscribed to this dude thanks to you Big Grin sorry for the late thank you. But I think this guys videos are awesome. I'v learnt so much!
You're welcome, Dark Angel. Glad to be of help sometimes Wink

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