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Ways to last longer before ejaculation ?
This has been bothering me for some time now.

Since teenage years I found myself ejaculate pretty quickly. Sometimes, I cum after stroking continuously (literally without any pause or slow) for 1 or 2 minutes.

I thought it's because I was still young and it would improve when I get older since the gland is sensitive and not being used to stimulation.

However, I'm now 30, and I don't think I have significant improvement.

Nearly all sex buddies I've been with, can be stroked non-stop for at least several minutes or half an hour or more, without any urges to cum. When asked, they always tell me that "there is still a long way to go" before they would even have the sensation of cumming. Whilst I have to constantly ask them to stop stroking mine because it's always at the edge of cumming.

I don't know if I have problems mechanically, or are there some "exercises" to improve this ? 

I consider myself someone who jerks off not so often. During my teenage years, the max times I jerked off was about 5 -6 times a week, not even daily. Now I jerk off around once a week, sometimes even less. My buddies tell me that they still jerk off often, some jerk off daily, or at least several times a week (or have sex if they have a partner).

So I wonder if jerking off is  a kind of a "practice" that help with it ?  Huh  Or there are other ways to improve ? 
I have also never top. So I have no experience in penetration at all. Does it have an effect on it?

I hope these questions aren't too silly.  Thanks all !
@seeking there are health benefits, believe it or not, to jerking off more often. I think I will point you to this thread that might be helpful... some advice I think might help
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Thanks a lot @InbetweenDreams , that thread is exactly what I need!
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