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ways to increase libido
dear members,

are there ways to increase libido?
does taking testosterone pills increase your urge to have sexual intercourse? do they have any side effects?
are there foods that help to boost the testosterone levels in our body?

At 28 I'm going to guess your problem is more psychological than physical.

Exercise is the best possible way to improve testosterone levels and libido.

I've already mentioned sublingual apomorphine (brand name Zyprima) on GS. It's an approved ED med that also improves libido. Zyprima does not mess with your hormones and works by increasing dopamine levels in the brain.

The food myths - meaning foods that increase libido are myths. Mind if you are unhealthy and lacking in your diet that will negatively impact things like libido. But Black Rhino Horn and Oysters and all of that type of stuff is a myth.

Steroids (testosterone) only works to a point. that point being how low is your testosterone to average or healthy levels? Steriod use tends to have the negative effect when abused/misused. Many guys who use steroids for muscle building end up having ED issues, loss of appetite (For sex) and their testicles shrink.

This all boils down to how healthy you already are. IF you have issues with hormones, then yes some hormone replacements will boost your lagging spirit. IF you are unhealthy and your diet is crap then yeah improving your diet will have an effect (in time) in boosting 'morale' of the little guy.

However if you are healthy, and relatively fit and don't have issues down stairs there is really little that one can do to get extra miles.

IF you have ED or other issues, its time to go to a doctor, get a few tests and see where your hormonal levels are.

Mr. Love pointed out the ED drug... mind that is a prescription to treat ED amongst other things. I would wager a healthy man using such a product runs risks and potential issues.

There is a peak hormone level where pushing beyond that point you end up getting the opposite reaction.

You are 28 and there shouldn't really be a medical problem there, yet. Assuming you are healthy without preexisting conditions.

Your testosterone levels remain relatively stable from age 18 to late 20's. Studies show that most men experience a 2% drop-off in testosterone production each year after they turn 30.

If you suspect your levels are dropping and you are losing your lust for, erm, um, lust - well its all natural.

Weight loss.

I would go see the doctor to get a physical and overall health check, and the doc could also check your testosterone levels.

Are you taking medication now?

I think sex helps.
I bid NO Trump!

Borg69 Wrote:Are you taking medication now?

no i am not taking medication now.

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