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What’s the strangest place you’ve ever worked in?
[SIZE="4"][COLOR="DarkGreen"]Twenty years ago I worked in an office that was once part of a slaughter house, closed in the 1960s. The slaughter house was from the late nineteenth century. The strangest thing was all the equipment was still in place from the lead lined fridges, pulleys and chains and the slaughter tools left corroding away on the walls. The elderly landlord would not have them moved because they were his memories. So every day I walked through the doors past the inhumane slaughter instruments to get to the office.
Does anyone else have memories of working in a strange place?
When I left school I worked for a firm of builders in London. I'd end up working in some very odd places. I worked in several buildings in and around Harley Street. One was an animal charity. They would phone up and ask for me to come round to look for items in their basement archives, because no one there had any idea where anything was.

Another company, I believe they were a firm of accountants, claimed that the building they worked from had originally been built by Horatio Nelson for his mistress, Emma Hamilton. One day they needed a doorknob changed. Our carpenter fitted a modern, but tasteful, doorknob on a beautiful oak door. I was allowed to keep the old brass knob. To think that I might have in my possession a knob that Nelson once touched ... :tongue:

Of course, my work as a performing musician takes me to some weird places. Over the past few weeks I have played in a sheep shelter, at an archaealogical dig and last weekend in a derelict tractor shed. Some people get all the best gigs.

To be honest I'm a bit hard-pushed to decide which is the weirdest place I've ever worked. Does the Whitehall Banqueting House with its beautiful Rubens-painted ceiling count as weird?
A gas station believe it or not. I worked two summers as a bait-boy at a gas station. Know what this entailed?

I fetched/scooped/caught bait for fishermen including several types of live shrimp, crab, minnows, small baitfish, and crickets; and frozen chum and dead version of most of the live stock I gathered. Also filled propane and kerosene accessories, stocked the small store in front, acted as janitor when time could be spared and helped weigh fish for local tournaments.

One position with so many different jobs, but I've never loved a job more than that one yet <3
Yeah...on my ship in the Navy I was replacing a guy who had sniffed Freon and died..right where I worked which was four levels below deck. I won't elaborate as it is a long story but suffice to say it was creepy.
One day ... years ago I startet to work in a Restaurant.... and this Restaurant was so dirty that all the glasses and bottles were slippery by fat.... I took a bottle and the bottle slipped out of my fingers ... I looked back to the manager and told him: Call me back if this Restaurant is clean and desinfected.

Or another story ... More years ago ... I startet a practical training in a rest home ... I was there only 5 minutes, not knowing anything about this kind of work, don´t know what to do... and one of the nurses came and told me that I should wash and bring a dead person wich died just a few hours before from the room to the morgue. I told her that I have not placed this dead person in the room... and so I don´t put away a dead person which I have not placed myself in the room. :eek:
I told the nurse that she can call me back if she is sure that nobody dies in the first minutes of my new job... Cool
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