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What causes t/b preference?
What do you think causes someone to be top or bottom? Is it biological, environmental? I almost feel like I was born with my preference and it's as a matter of fact as being brown eyed.
Some people just like one, some just like the other, some like both.

It something that i really don't think matters that much.Confusedmile:
If i had to guess what causes preference, it would probably be down to a persons unique anatomy and psychological factors.

IE: Some people are just built in a way that they get more pleasure from anal sex.
And some people just really get off to being dominant or submissive.
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
Animals seem to be born with a dominant or submissive orientation.
Are you REALLY a top/bottom?
here is the definitive test (linky)
that test was pretty cool. not what i was expecting. twice it came up with a 12 bottom.
Would have preferred to have seen "versatile" worked in there a little better.

As it was I scored Bottom at 2%, which I interpret to mean, "not very bottomish", but damn it, I hate labels.

I don't consider myself EITHER. And I like my partners to be versatile as well.
i agree. i feel that i am more versatile. but it labeled me as a complete bottom.
me; something like -1% of 33% a top????

that site has a few tests where nice to take just to read the questions.
Top apparently.
Not that i could answer it properly being...ill experienced.:redface:
Very...erotic test at some points...
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
So do you recommend that we should take it, Genz??? Big Grin

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