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Penis Preference
So I've been noticing a lot of guys outside of America, seem to be uncut. I don't know why it is, but here most gay guys seems to cringe at the thought of seeing or having sex with someone that still has their foreskin, although most can't ever tell during sex anyway. I happen to prefer the 'natural' myself. So where does the difference lie? Is it because here in the US most people are usually cut at birth and not so elsewhere so we think that is 'normal' (not that there is such a thing as normal). Or....what?

Well, I have been told that if I have sex or even mess around with someone who is uncut, which I have yet to do to this day, then make sure that it is in the shower. They keep telling me that they sometimes don't wash themselves good enough and that hair and lint and other shit will get in their and it's very nasty. Along with pre-cum will get caught in there... I'm sorry.. If I'm going to give head to someone, first off I'm going to swallow if I'm blowing them. I find it quite pointless to not swallow if your going to stick it in your mouth anyways. Even more pointless if you will rim someone and not swallow. So when I go down on someone and they are hiding a little of what is due to some later, I might be a little excited. :biggrin:

Well come on now...if you even consider taking someone home with you they must be clean enough in the first place, or you wouldn't have considered it, that goes for his penis too. This may be more than most on here would want to know, but I never have hair or lint on my cock (in fact the notion makes me laugh) and certainly have had no complaints! - I would guess that would be the same for others too given they have good hygiene as it is. I'm still interested though to get a view on this from peeps outside of the US.

Hey guys,

Yeah that's right... uncut is the norm here in the UK with probably about 90% of all guys. I remember when I was at high school only one guy in my year (music teacher's son) had a cut cock! He used to ramble on about how much cleaner it was etc. too but as A said if you keep good hygiene nothing to worry about. You're not likely to meet someone who hasn't washed for a few days on a date now are you? hehe

It's also been said that by being cut you lose some of the sensation during nooky as foreskin is very sensitive... Rolleyes

Andy x
Note: No trees were destroyed in the sending of this contaminant free message. However, I do concede, a significant number of electrons may have been inconvenienced.

Well I'm cut but I'm still sensitive.... And I do know a lot of people that would go on a date without bathing for a few days... Typical people around here... Another reason why I want to get out of this place... No one care about their appearance or anything... Just how many times you can get it.

Basically, we guys here in UK are as Andy said, only cut really for medical purposes such as not fully being able to draw the foreskin back. This mainly happens around the age of 9 or 10 years old. In the case of a very good friend of mine, who had it done 2 years ago, it was for this reason, although why he waited till now i'll never understand. He's 34.

I used to laugh at the stories he told me about just after the operation, where he would be sitting on a bus and it only had to go over a bump in the road and he'd almost cum in his boxers cos of the sensitivity lol

Well, I'm not that sensitive... Just a little on the head... WOW.. I'm just telling all my business... :tongue:

Udabar Wrote:Well, I'm not that sensitive... Just a little on the head... WOW.. I'm just telling all my business... :tongue:
Yeh so sSHhhhh.. between us remember LOL :biggrin:

Sorry... *lowers head in shame and walks away*

I wont play with you again if you keep being naughty and giving secrets out

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