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What causes t/b preference?
I like bottom more then top Smile
i recommend! it made my day alittle better Wink
you recommend what?
princealbertofb Wrote:So do you recommend that we should take it, Genz??? Big Grin

Oh perhaps.Rolleyes
If you have some alone time to relax and are ready for some hard questions.:tongue:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
hard questions. lol!Wink
confess i posted the link, than took the test.
better than expected.
In my case it's all psychological. I am top and I like it. Still I don't like people who say they are 100% top, I've tried to be bottom but that's very rare, I can do it for my partner if I' totally in love and if we have had sex many times.
About test, thanks for sharing. It was fun.
my result was top. "You are a Top. You like to flip twinks over and pound their little tiny holes until they are screaming from pleasure. You love it when a man spreads his cheeks for your nice big hard cock. You are most likely dominant and love to control the other guy in sex."
Can't refuse, it's all true Wink
To be honest, i think the quiz test thang over generalises and stereotypes a fair bit.
But meh.Rolleyes
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
I got bottom =3

I took a different one and it said I was a Bottom in Denial, which is true.
LateBloomer Wrote:Would have preferred to have seen "versatile" worked in there a little better.

As it was I scored Bottom at 2%, which I interpret to mean, "not very bottomish", but damn it, I hate labels.

I don't consider myself EITHER. And I like my partners to be versatile as well.

I got the same result (Bottom at 2%), but I don't think much of it. I like to keep all my options open (pun intended, I guess).

Submission is more than just top or bottom, though. What if you like to suck and rim but not really fuck or be fucked? Is there a label for that??

Actually, I hate labels, too. Flylicker

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