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What kind of drunk are you?
What kind of drunk are you? I am asking this because it has a story of event attached....

Last night whilst laying in bed playing Jewel maze on my HTC I heard a scream outside and a woman shouting for help... So i got out of bed put on my waterproof trousers and jacket over my briefs and went out in minus 6 celcius.. I walked over to her and said " You alright love?" She was rocking backwardws and forwards in the road and i asked again.. She said help me...

I asked if she had been drinking and she said yes... I held her hands and said right firstly lets get u out of the road or your going to get squashed She told me she couldnt and i asked why and she said because im sitting down here. I then said look its freezing cold and im not standing here for charity love... Now on count of three get off the floor and lets get you on the pavement.. She started to cry and i said sternly look lady get off the floor stop the crocodile tears because thats what five year olds do.. She agreed and got up and i asked where she lived and she pointed to a block of flats and i said what number?? She said 12 and after 15 minutes of dragging her round i rang the buzzer and it was no response... She went to bang on the door of the block and it was off the latch so she stumbled up the stairs and sat on the landing... Upon waking the other residents up i explained to them shes trying to get hold of a Victoria and asked them if they were.. They told me she doesnt live in this block and i asked her her name... She said charlotte so i said ok charlotte lets get you off the floor and out of here and she shouted IM NOT CHARLOTTE YOU DICK IM FUCKING JOANNA. I said ok Joanna... Firstly DO NOT EVER speak to a stranger in a tone when they are trying to help you as thats fucking dis respectful and secondly get a grip... If you dont then your be left here to freeze and is that what you want??? She shaked her head to indicate No and i said ok apologise and we can continue where we left off... She drunkernly apologised and i said right shall we go then?? She sat on the floor saying Phone victoria now please... Please help me and rocked back and fourth. I said is your phone in your bag? She replied Yes...
I searched through and found no phone so decided to ask a resident to call the non emergency number for the police... This was done and eventually the police turned up and escorted her off after she swore at them and they put her in cuffs for the cell for the night. I did notify the officer that she comes from Croydon which is 50 miles away according to her passport but she is insisting she lives round here...

This took an hour and i was freezing

So what kind of drunk are you?

Kindest regards

zeon x
I am a happy drunk.... I walk like a penguin with feet unable to support me and i patter all over the place giggling

Kindestb regards

zeon x
well firstly well done with the good samaritan thing, not everyone would have helped or put up with abuse like u did mate - she sounded more mentally ill than drunk,

im a happy drunk too although i do get a bit too lively but apparently my mates say i get the party going by just been me Smile, i do like to sing or dance too (and i cant do neither lol) cant say im bothered what people think of me and that gets others up and dancing too Smile..i did it at a queen tribute band the other week - not a single person was out of there seats and i just got my mates wife to be up and we danced infront of about 2 hundered people at the front of the stage - within 10 minutes it was packed with everyone up dancing having a great night
Matty i see your a chain reaction kinda person then if u are asble to get everyone going on the stage as well... Bit like a T mobile advert
think i could tick a few off that list too - im a happy sexual careless drunk with a generous streak lol
So u shag a guy u pull listening to the Birdie song

1 2 3

"with a little bit of this and a little bit of that just shake your bum just like your mum" *sings and actions*

kindest regards

zeon x
zeon Wrote:So u shag a guy u pull listening to the Birdie song

1 2 3

"with a little bit of this and a little bit of that just shake your bum just like your mum" *sings and actions*

kindest regards

zeon x

As it should be lol ..
I've never been drunk sooooooooo I have no clue. My dad told me one day "if your going to ever drink, drink till your happy then stop because being drunk isn't actually that fun." so I don't drink enough to get drunk.
I really can't fulfill the poll as it depends on what mood I am in when I begin to drink, if I am stupid and continue to oblivion, I can be the happiest person in the room to the most deadly, just how it is for me, James
[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcRz-Six7p24KDjrx1F_V...A&usqp=CAU]
I rarely drink cause mostly in general I am the Depressed and aggressive drunk :frown:. Always starts with thinking "I've never too good" and ending up thinking "You bloody judge me you fucking clown!? #Smack#".
Sometimes you need a bit of chaos in your life to be able to shrug off pitiful disdain about something meaningless.

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