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What kind of person?
Bowyn Aerrow Wrote:Why is the sky blue? Why can't we separate the wave from the shore? Is there a God?... Some questions can be answered, others we can't answer and thus can only spin our wheels in speculation about them.

Right now you are still in that relationship. Yes I know, you left, you haven't seen him for x number of days, hours, minutes seconds. You haven't touched him, kissed him, had sex with him and might even have deleted him from your phone.

But you are still IN a relationship with him. you are still investing lots of time and energy in this 'relationship'.

No one can answer any of those 'whys' for you. I doubt even he could.

You will stew on them anyway. Its human nature, however I think if you start working on understanding that you will not get answers - real solid truths here, the sooner you will completely end this relationship.

I have also thought about that, and completely agree; it is a very wise statement. The more time I spend away from him the better. The more time I spend trying to understand the more it will tear me down and make me angry or confused. The best solution is to invest time in other things that will help me forget. Food comes to mind, since I'm Italian, but I am sure there are some less fattening solutions.

Thank you for all your replies!
Sweetie, I hate to say it, but you are the only one in that relationship.
He is way to busy playing the field to be in any relationship, and to make things worse he is playing Russian Roulette .

Time for you to ask yourself if you really want to be one of his toys.
I think you already know the answer.

I am so sorry that he is treating you so bad, you deserve better.

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