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What languages do you speak?
Hey boys,I want to know just how many languages can you speak fluently?Here in SA,there are 11 official languages & I can only speak 3.You can imagine how difficult it is to converse with different people!I speak English,Afrikaans & a little Zulu.My Hebrew is really rusty though!
I was born in England but live in Jersey in the Channel Islands, so I speak English, French and (rather bizarrely) German. I can read some Spanish and Italian, but I not THAT conversant with them as languages.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
Spanish (birth language) and English very well
Do you speak mainstream Spanish in Argentina, or is Argentinian a stylised version of the regular Spanish ?

It's just that Spanish is the next language I'm probably going to learn, so I was wondering if I might be able to try and speak with you in Spanish at some point once I'm a bit (read: CONSIDERABLY) more comfortable with it ?

Cheers mon ami !

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
English, Arabic, and some French
When sober, I speak merely one (english). When drunk, however I can speak german, latin and ancient greek.
Serfdom Wrote:When sober, I speak merely one (english). When drunk, however I can speak german, latin and ancient greek.

Thats pretty cool.
I speak english fluently, but I know some Modern Greek, a little German, and tidbits of other languages (French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian - basically saying hello, goodbye, thank you, your welcome sort of thing)
Reading wise, I can read Latin and Ancient Greek since its what I study (and incidently I have a midterm tomorrow in Greek Lyric Poetry).
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It's just English for me really... although I did do German for 5 years in school... and got an A grade for my GCSE, but I've forgotten most of it.
I speak only french, my native language. It's OK for French Canada and travel in France, but for others countries, as UK? But I've a basic english...:frown: And it's not enough for travel in anglo-saxon countries, same thing for english canada... A day, I will be able to speak english! I promise me.Confusedmile:
English and a little Japanese... and some spanish... xD that's all for me though

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