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What was the best thing about coming out for you?
i pride my self on how i think everything to its nth degree before doing anything. but coming out was more than i suspected:

when i came out i was impressed how clear i could put things faster better in to prospective. I no longer had to hide anything and was no longer worried what people's reaction would indicate they knew, suspected, cared if i was anything but what i wanted them to think i was. People could judge me for who I was not by rumor or innuendo.

Pix Wrote:I didn't find it all the beneficial. ... I'm not deep in, I'm just careful about who I let know. I also worry about how it might affect others I know as well ...

my than bf really demanded i share my life. Nice to have a proper life to share.
The best thing about coming out was that I could be truthful to my self and my family.
For me, being honest with myself and, taking that first step toward dealing with a lot of difficult issues in my life head on. As long and hard as that road was (still is on a couple of thing) I have basically made it through and, it was more than worth it to get here. Had I chosen to hide being gay, I think I would have kept hiding the other things I needed to face too and, I'd be in a miserable rut, if even alive now. Instead I chose to come out, step up and face my issues and, now I'm living the life I thought was an impossible dream back then.
With me coming out i found the best thing was being able to feel free from thew shadows and find a guy to settle with without explaining it at the table

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