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When will technology reach its limit?
Last thing I heard about thi argument was that it's really limited by the invention of new processes and materials - in Watchmen they seemed to suggest that until a replacement for Lithium is found for batteries there will be a limit to the size/power ratio required by certain machines. You can make a fantastic invention but without the power to sustain it for a length of time you're really limited by energy supplies for some very intensive kit.

The last major breakthrough were microprocessors, which have pervaded and decreased in size to the present day. In theory the only thing limiting technology is our understanding of elemental materials and their potential uses, and the power supply needed to sustain them. All that energy has to come from somewhere.

I can see technology advancing further; every generation seems to think they have reached the Zenith of evolution until something new comes along. I do find iPhones to be incredible pieces of kit for their size, I wouldn't have thought gaming would have reached the levels it has either.

I'm fairly convinced holographic projections will be seen in our lifetime, ergo Star Wars 'Leiah' message, Total Recall (instructional 3D 'models' for teaching) although these will not be interactive and limited to short loops. They would be ideal for instructing people on how to learn different physical tasks where books and text do not suffice. Supposedly the US military is also working on cloaking technology that is still in its infancy, not to mention the increased use of fixed drone guns on battlefields.

Here's to the scary future...
Military and defence issues have always forwarded technology quite a bit... then there is also medical research that does that.
There are certainly various limits imposed on possible devices by the laws of physics. However beyond that the only limits are our own imagination and our ingenuity in finding someone to pay for it.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
Sil Wrote:Here's to the scary future...

That's the thing man, well technology has all kinds of applications in literally every field imaginable, so does are dependence on these technologies. An because of this dependence we will become more vulnerable, words like cyber warfare and cyber terrorism have all already enter are lexicon.

There are examples of this in world today, like the founder of wikileaks getting arrested.
BBC News - Bail appeal for Wikileaks founder Assange on Thursday

Anonymous attacks on the credit card industries
Anonymous attacks put credit card users at risk |

Russia launches cyber attack on Lithuania
Russians launch cyber attack on Lithuania: media reports > Cybercrime > Legal > News > SC Magazine Australia/NZ

Iranian power plant attack with virus
'State-sabotage' behind Iran virus - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

It’s kind of frightening to think of a world where something as simple as a virus loaded flash drive can be considered a weapon of mass destruction.

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