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Where did Virge go??!
So anyone knows where he has disappeared to?

I actually miss his crazyness on the forums.

[Image: latest?cb=20140627034654]
I asked around, too, but no one seems to notice. He was a fun guy. The last time he posted here, he and his husband were heading on a trip, if I remember correctly.
It's pretty safe to assume he left and is not coming back. it's been about a year since he posted if memory serves.
I am worried something happened to him. He had some health issues and was also in a bad place emotionally due to circumstances that unfolded for a little while though he seemed to be OK just before he left on his trip....

I just hope he is alive and well..and happy..and just too busy to come back.....
I'm sad to hear that. I truly hope he is ok!

Like you said East I sincerely hope he's been too busy.
I did not know he had health issues. Probably that was after I went abscent...

Pff this sucks.. Virge you are missed!! You better be ok!! Big hugs.
I tried to get hod of both Virge and Ray to no avail. Seems all there is to do is to send good vibes.

Be well guys!
I bid NO Trump!
He and I used to exchange emails 3 & 4 times a week, we discussed all kinds of stuff, and yeah he had a crazy/fun spin on most everything. I considered him a really good friend. He stopped corresponding over a year ago. I tried to track him down, but to no avail. I miss him as well...
Didn't Virge have a falling out with a few members here and ended up leaving? Or am I getting mixed up?
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
I don't recall him having any kind of "serious" falling out with any members that would cause him to completely leave....
If it was true he'd probably would've deleted his profile..

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