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News on Virge
Dont get alarmed but yesterday morning Virge went to the doctor feeling off and they put him in the hospital. His blood chemistry was messed up, low blood sugar, confused and looking pale. They are running all sorts of tests to find out what happened but still dont know this morning. It might be that he didn't eat right for a few days or that he had energy drinks staying awake over the weekend. He was alert this morning but still real confused and forgetful.

I will make sure to let yall know what I find out until hes better and back at home.

Best wishes. Hope he gets well soon.

Thanks for the heads up. Hope he didn't self neglect under the guise of some well reasoned idea. We shall see... Virge, we know you'll fess up. And I'm confident you'll feel better soon and be back in the saddle. Remybussi
Heart  Life's too short to miss an opportunity to show your love and affection!  Heart

Damn... I told him to take care of himself this big @$$... Hope he gets better Kiss3

Get this hot head to start caring about his health or next things he knows he'll get into Jake's situation. Tell Virge he'll get better. Hopefully it's just hypoglycemia and not something worse. I'm heading to bed I'm too tired to think.

Get well soon virge

I sent my cares to the wind and asked the wind to pass it on to you, when you feel the wind in your face, thats me saying take care x

Does wanking lower your blood sugar?

Virge, work hard at getting well!

Out here waving flags and doing embarrassing dances on your behalf.
I bid NO Trump!

Virge - get better real soon!


Get well soon, don't give the nursing staff any BS or you might end up in this kind of trouble...

[Image: funny_get_well_zps5755d5f6.jpg]

So sorry to hear that! But knowing Virges' good disposition here on the forum; I am almost certain he will bounce back in no time! Virge please get well soon!

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