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Where do you meet guys?
Living in Miami a populated area with gay men, I rarely meet guys, I feel like I am running out of options here. Like I can talk to a guy I met online and then something happens and it doesn't work out. There are only a rare bunch (not really a lot) of guys that would even talk to me. All I say is "Hi, How's it going" or something like that. But I feel like when that rare guy talks to me and we date and then it ends I feel as though I am out of guys because I never seem to find guys that are willing to talk to me. I do not go out to clubs often because I really do not have too many friends and the only friend I do have is insane, he does drugs sometimes and drinks too much and always wants to be drunk when he is out. I just do not want to be around that nonsense. How the hell am I suppose to meet guys when no one ever really gives me a chance?
Know exactly how you feel. I never thought anyone was interested in me because I've never felt attractive. I went onto grindr recently just for a bit of a laugh and discovered that a lot if guys did wanna chat and meet up. It's flattering for so many guys to want you on there but it can be a bit overwhelming as well. I am so inexperienced and using grindr was a big shock to my system. You could try If you have the right phone or iPod. It's location based so you always find guys nearby. Just be careful! Good luck and have fun.
I have tried grindr all I got were pervs and old men and men that i wasn't attracted to. I tried everything. I think...
Try boyahoy. Its kinda like grindr but in my experience the guys are less disingenuous than their grindre counterparts. The only problem is its not as localized, so I often find the cute + sweet ones are too far away to realistically meet/date Sad worth a shot though. And as you're in Miami, I've made quite few digital pen pals on boyahoy from there Big Grin Best of luck buddy!
Awh sorry. It kinda worked for me. What about any events in your local area? Gay friendly events such as art galleries, book signings or something. An event that is likely to be attended by nicer normal guys. There are nice guys out there like me Smile just hoping to meet another nice guy. It is hard thou. I have felt like giving up. I live in northern ireland and there really doesn't seem to be that many around here who are genuine.
I should look those up! that may help and well there is 1 mall in maimi that is very gay populated lol I could just look nice at the mall and sit some where and ppl watch right? never know. The other thing is that I talk to a few nice guys go out and etc but they end up disappearing. Like this guy I just hungout w/yesterday called me today and we talked for 50mins lol it was nice but I just do not want to get my hopes up in thinking that this could be something real, I just feel and fear that he'll up and run away too.
In a tent. TRUE Story of how I met my boyfriend. O.O

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