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Where would you live?
Ang Wrote:somewhere with snow... Big Grin i love snow...

may be Scotland or Switzerland... i don't really know
Was walking through Geneva yesterday ... no snow there, so maybe a different part of Switzerland Wink
marshlander Wrote:Was walking through Geneva yesterday ... no snow there, so maybe a different part of Switzerland Wink

Dans les montagnes!

Haha I used to love how the french translate 'rollercoaster' as the russian mountains... he he. I liked it so much I used it as much as possible in exams! Sorry that was really random but the word 'montagne' reminded me of it!
Diablotin Smurlos
[SIZE=2]The early bird may get the worm but the second mouse to the trap gets the cheese[/SIZE]
Some people are like slinkys - not really good for anything but bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs! Diablotin
Ganz ohne Drogen geht es nicht, es wird immer so sein.
Und Jesus sah das genauso, denn aus Wasser machte er Wein Wink
Smurlos Wrote:Dans les montagnes!...
Of course Confusedmile:

It's been fantastically windy here all night. Albert and I can see a section of a small mountain between apartment blocks when we look out of the kitchen window ... no snow, but wait ... when I stood in the bath yesterday and looked out of the high window on the other sided of the apartment I could see some snow quite high up. Just been to check, but it's all covered in cloud today. Still, this is France, not Switzerland (that's about 5 km away).

I love the idea of snow. The reality, though, is that I am hopeless with heights (I cannot look down from our 4th floor balcony, and become a gibbering wreck on one of those horrible "open" escalators in shopping precincts). Views are fantastic when they are in the distance, just not when they lie at my feet! Albert skiied when he was a child, but throwing oneself down a mountain has always struck me as bizarre, even if a small part of me would love to try it. It's not nearly as perverse a pastime, though, as that engaged in by the maniacs who hurl themselves off the aforementioned small mountain and float round in circles on parachutey things :eek:

If only I were cool enough and brave enough to snowboard ... Cry

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