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Which feminine behavior and masculine behavior do you have
I remember when I was 11 or so, I was really campy, but as time goes by, I gradually changed, not because of care what people say to me, I just found I was kinda weird when I act like that. But there are still some I just cannot resist : I like shopping very much when most guys don't like it, I like to eat snack and junk food, and I like to eat sour thing (not sure if westerns think this is feminine thing, but we Chinese, especially elderly people, do think this is what men would not do :confused: weird huh?). Honestly, I cannot find any masculine behavior on myself, I don't do any sport, don't like cars, beers...etc.
Just out of curiosity, do you guys have some masc. or feminine behavior?
Hey Stephen, hope you don't mind a female perspective on your tread here. Thought I might contribute here myself. That being said, ever since I was really little, I could never see myself having any feminine traits on me. I never played with dolls, I always had cars or action figures. I didn't act like a little lady, I would always belch and scratch like a boy. I hated girly clothing, and would always strip it off of me. I also never liked sitting down to pee, so I taught myself to go like a man. When i do drink, i like beer. I always wear Axe and aftershave, I wear boxers and boxer briefs all the time. I love cars, and I am always restoring them. I don't have any lady traits at all. I've always been butch, but frankly, i don't mind at all.
first off i think gay or straight anyone could make a list

feminine behavior
-i dont do sports, in any way, no exception
-i like the nice digs, furniture, house hold appointments
-especially like shopping at second hand shops
-i am very tidy, tend to put things away
-tend to keep track who wronged me and when
-i will sulk and pout for days, generally dont get into arguments
-i can cook
-usually wear some sort of jewelry
-conscious about my hair
-i clean up really well and wear good stuff
-ill put summer vegetables up for the winter
-i have several colognes

masculine behavior
-work on cars, plumbing, carpentry
-speed freak: drive super fast
-have a street and a track sportbike in the living room and can ride
-go to the gym
-i have (2) 90 lb dogs
-live in the country, heat the house with a wood stove
-generally would not hire something done
-normally in a t-shirt, army pants
-wear head gear, a beanie but its Chanel
-dont care, been to the emergency room a few times
I like the female/male and yin/yang balance and I always searched for people who were 60/40 or 40/60 female/male energy. I know exactly who I am and spent alot of time nurturing my self awareness.

I think my soul is female...I am extremely understanding and protective and nurturing on a soul physical side is male and my mind is maybe 50/50.

Conversely my lover and soulmate has a male soul...a female physical nature...nothing you can have to be able to feel it... and also a 50/50 male female intellectual balance.

On different levels...sexually/emotionally/physically/intellectually/spiritually...we have an almost perfect balance. I think in order to evolve off of this plane of existence you have to achieve that balance.

...and there you have itConfusedmile:
Wow... where to begin...

When im with a man I feel more feminine and I LOVE IT! I don't show it but deep down inside I'm like a giddy school girl blushing.

When Im with a women I don't feel masculine. I feel androgynous.

Other wise im just me.
hm... feminine and me :confused:

not really.... I mean... I´m a macho....and honestly its very hard for me to accept any feminine behavior on a man...very important is that my partner is not a bit feminine. No perfume... no fashion stuff, deep voice and hairs ..... Cool

:redface: alpha-manikin Wink
Proud to be Gay & Pagan

[Image: pentagramm.gif]

31.10 Samhain, All Hallows Eve, Halloween
21.12 Yule
STOP eating Animals !
If we wana put things in boxes which is disagree with.

* I can knock you out n.n
* I can cook
* I like to dress nicely
* I enjoy helping with fixing up the house
* I enjoy working out
* I like the colour purple
* I don't care for government

* I can knock you out n.n
* I can cook
* I like to dress nicely
* I enjoy helping with fixing up the house
* I enjoy working out
* I like the colour purple
* I don't care for government

I cannot put it in boxes cos it just doesn't work for me. These boxes of masculine and feminine just don't work for me. Any thing can be masculine sewing can be masculine. working out can be feminine.
I used to be a tomboy, though I recall when I got shunned by the other girls in my neighborhood and had to play with the boys which got tiresome after awhile. I got banned from playing with one boy for like a year after I got him to play dress up with me. Roflmao

When I first came out some called me a "boi" for being somewhat masculine (again, tomboyish) though also pretty submissive (maybe easygoing is a better word) at the same time. When I dated a stud she insisted I look more feminine and when I did I found people reacted to me a lot better (especially in business) so I kept myself looking feminine for that reason. But I tend to dress up for utilitarian reasons rather than for its own sake.

I cook, clean, do the shopping, take care of the kids, and constantly chit chat with my friends. I also make a lot of my money from sewing and entertaining at the birthday parties of little girls. I've also taken some babysitting jobs and made a lot of money taking girls to see the Hannah Montana movie (which I enjoyed seeing myself). I generally don't like violent or action movies (with notable exceptions) and tend to like "girly" fiction, including the romance genre (even heterosexual romance), and I'd rather see The Last Unicorn for the umpteenth time than The Last Airbender or the Last Samurai even once. I have my own bedding I can nap in which features a Strawberry Shortcake blanket (though also Cthulhu slippers...).

OTOH, I take care of the car (though I hate driving), computer, yard, and assemble furniture. I'm told I'm good with tools and I even fixed the vox phone of a computer teacher (funny story, that). I wheel and deal and even deliver porn for a "finder's fee" (among other things I deliver). I've even made a few fart jokes (though these tend to double as making fun of male humor as well, but I've still made them, and I've enjoyed the shocked surprise I've gotten from men and women both). I get into light saber duels with my boy. I practice target shooting and archery. Though I no longer skateboard as I did as a teen I still longboard (though it's just a mode of transport). I work out at the gym and I don't mean just burning calories on the cardio equipment (though that is a lot of it). I've played role playing games in the past, some of them very male dominated (like Shadowrun). I think vampire stories should be scary instead of romantic (I loved the recent Fright Night movie that came out but have almost no interest in Twilight). Though my deepest friendships are with women I have more male acquaintances for some reason.
Id say.

I like guns
I have a beard
I like my Hawaiian shirts and cargo pants
Don't care for government either
Hate going to the doctor even though I have to a lot
Don't wear Jewelry of any kind anymore

I can cook very well :biggrin:
I hate sports because they're boring
When I know a guys interested in me I get all shy and passive (don't know why but I do)
Feminine: I dont do sports, in any way, no exception & I love shopping especially second hand stores.
Masculine: I try to figure things out myself without help or Directions

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