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Wondering about crush.
I like this guy I've known him since middle school. We usually say hello to each other when we pass by and on the last day of school last year we hung out all day together. I developed feelings for him and we ride the same bus now and I always talk to him now. I want to tell him I like him but I do not know if he is gay or bi. He never had/said anything about a girlfriend, on his facebook he likes some stuff that make me think he is gay like: have a gay day, lgbt news, and a ship between two guys from teen wolf. I really don't know what to do because this is my first real crush I liked other guys but I got over them quickly.
First and foremost, welcome to GS...

Well you did not mention if you are out or not... Cause if you are, it would be easier to know by just asking him politely.

But if you are not out, and you don't wanna ask him, you can't just rely on those things you noticed he posted in facebook. It could mean he's gay, but it could also mean he is not...

If you do have the courage, maybe flirt with him a little and see how he reacts. Of course do it subtley ... like maybe touch his arms or back...and compliment him...if he backed off with your advances, then most probably he is not gay or not interested

Good luck
Build the friendship further outside of school.

Movies, burger, coffee etc. You know the drill Smile

Just get to know him outside of school and see where things go.

No need to tell him of your feelings just yet - especially as you don't know his orientation. Lots of people like stuff on Facebook, so don't go by what you read on there, unless it says he's interested in guys on his About page!

Good Luck.

I hung out with him more but not like face to face it was through fb chat and indirectly found out he was gay and now that i know i'm thinking about how to start flirting with him. So i am in need of more assistance.
Try being direct and ask him if he wants to be friends? It's kind of kindergartenish, but I'm notorious for doing this to people and it often works if they're friendly. Establish some common interests and make some excuses to hang out.

If you like him after getting to know him, think about asking him out. You know he's gay, so you don't have to worry about the whole "will I accidently scare a straight friend" scenario Smile.
I think OlderButWiser has the right idea. Especially assuming that he's also about 16, he may not even be sure whether he's gay, bi, or just curious. But definitely go the burgers/coffee route, don't do it on facebook. To really get to know him, you need the face to face interaction - the body language, facial expressions, eye contact, etc. Then from the feedback you get, you'll know when to add in the subtle flirting. Can't go wrong.
We have face to face interaction on the way to school were we usually talk. I can't hang out with him out of school because I do not know how to drive and I do not have access to transportation so the only way to talk to him right now is fb and school.
ok, then, I understand that you are closeted, but you found out he's gay after all

then by all means, use private chat talk to him and say, directly "hey, I find you cute, I've been noticing you", stuff like don't even have to say you're gay, just throw it in there "you're handsome, I like you"

it's really not a big deal once you know for sure he's gay.

Take advantage that fb chat takes that pressure of face to face confessions..

after that you can start talking him more in school

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