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Would you date the guy posting above you (be honest)
Sure. I'd date anyone with a british accent. Laugh
dlboy53 Wrote:Not crazy about a lot of body hair, but then again if there was a connection then I would be all over you.

I don't have a lot of body hair; I'm not "hairy" on my arms and chest, but I do have hair, so I couldn't chose smooth either. Meh =P I don't really like a lot of body hair either, so I'm glad what I have is light :biggrin:

and to answer the question, sure, why not.
perhaps. I am bloind/hazel, average build, not much chest hair, but plenty in the "naughty areas". I am 41 (can pass for younger).
No, just a bit out of my age range. Sorry Sad
Of course I would Smile
perhaps, if I couls see a pic.
Not my type
Probably! :o
Awww that's nice of u :-)
id give it a go!!!Wink

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