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Would you go out with a Disabled person?
I know if i saw someone who was disabled i wouldnt walk past them if no one was talking id get to know em and be friends and whatnot else... l hate judgemental people on the scene and theres too much of it because of a stupid ego system
hello. i think it is very good how it can be the intenet if you cant go places by youself. i like on gayspeak becase i can get frinds who not have learning disabiltys just. i like frinds with learning disabiltiys but ones who not aswell!
I had a deaf bf once, i loved him! But he cheated on me with another deaf guy. Guess I was too "hearing" for him.
I would definitely date a disabled guy if I had feelings for him already or if his disability wasn't totally crippling, but if he was mentally or physically crippled (in an extreme way such as Professor Steven Hawking's disablity rather than just being unable to walk or being blind) then I would have to really love him already to date him.

I feel really bad saying that, but I wanted to be honest....
Ralwatt Wrote:Professor Steven Hawking's

Ya know i've always wanted to push that dood down a set of stairs! Wink

Phil! Wrote:Ya know i've always wanted to push that dood down a set of stairs! Wink
Reallo? o.o

Well, at least now I don't look so bad anymore. ^^;
I wouldn't do it maliciously just for lulz! Xyxthumbs

Phil! Wrote:I wouldn't do it maliciously just for lulz! Xyxthumbs

It's hard for me to tell if you're joking. ^^;
Totally not jokin.... [Image: thinking-1.gif]

Phil! Wrote:Totally not jokin.... [Image: thinking-1.gif]

Well... now I'm confused.

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