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Your Music Playlist for Workout/Exercise/Running
Your Music Playlist for Workout/Exercise/Running

Ladies and gentlemen, please spill the guts of your Ipod or other MP3 players. I can always use new stuff to listen whilst running etc. You can list your playlist down as text only or post down Youtube videos. Your choice.

I listen to pop and upbeat music when I do my running and other workouts.

I'm going to post the first 10 random songs in my Running Playlist.

Sunday Girl - Love U More

Britney Spears - Get Naked (I Got A Plan)

Pitbull - Ay Chico

The Wanted - Glad You Came

Janet Jackson - Make Me

Kenny Loggins - Footloose

Tarkan - Adm Kalbine Yaz Club Mix (Turkey)

Amr Diab - Dayman Fi Baly (Egypt)

Shinee - Replay (South Korea)

Wonder Girls - Me, In (South Korea)

i use bands like slayer n slipknot but just the songs with a fast beats per min to get me going although not to everyones taste i know - my gym pipes kiss fm radio staion all round and its just dance music which is not something i play myself - although i do a quick session because i want to get away from it Smile
Well, I don't run or anything, but I do take dance lessons (now that I finished high school and my music school) and I like "dancey" music(what can I say? I'm part Italian and part Carribean, lethal combination of dance overdose there lol).

These songs are the songs that are on my iPod(well afew anyway Rolleyes)

Party Rock Anthem :3 -Lmfao

Run the World(Girls) - Beyonce'

Ridin Solo-Jason Derulo

~All of Jason Derulo's songs get me up and moving Laugh~


Those are the ones that I like quite abit, there are more, but for the sake of not overwhelming the forums, I'd leave it at that :p

Some great tracks posted here and i agree they are motivational. Especially like `Love u more`, `Run the world (Girls) and `Closer`.
Oh and I almost forgot!!!:eek: .

The amazing song from Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom

World Hold On- Bob Sinclair
This song really hits me, cause it's about unity and just over all goodness :3
(I'm a sap, so what? :tongue: )

Edit: I'm not sure how "hood" you want to go Tongue , but if you like random jumping up and down, you can try this song. I like it, but I have to be in the mood >.>

Dance(A$$)-Big Sean ft. Nicki Minaj

father said, varrious skirillex, skirllex
Echo Opener, blade soundtrack, crystal method
every morning, Basshunter
illuminate, the altogether disc 01, david gray/Orbital
lazy, fat boy slim dbu mex, big beach boutique 2 fatboy-xpress2
Lights, loose dirt klaypex
Schism, lateralus tool
shockwave, breaking point lunatic calm
skrillex weekends various mixes
wild, dungeon master of ceremonies mc chris
drop the preasure, dam best of 2005 myto
Arulapragasam, dungon master of ceremonies mc chris
I make tapes all the time for myself (and other people) to work out to....I just made myself one last week. I dont' really download anything...I have a massive music collection..

The tape I made last week I just listened to an hour ago at the gym and the song that sticks out in my mind I loved was Joe Jackson.....

Joe Jackson...Stepping Out

and then one I put on most every tape....I love working out to this song the most I think

Phil Collins...Two Hearts

Oh yeah...another favorite workout song

Bonnie Tyler...Holding Out for a Hero

When I go walking to work (1 mile there; 1 mile back), I have a list of possible songs to walk in time to, and I've gotten over the past near 2 yrs steadily stronger in consistency and stamina with this Smile I listen to stuff from about 130bpm up to near 145, the longest I've sustained that (which is banging on 4.25mph pace) is for 45minutes, uphill.

Some of the particular songs I listen to at the top speed are:
Ayria: My Device/Be Me
Darude: Burning/Sandstorm
2 Unlimited: No Limit
Coldplay: Viva La Vida/Clocks

Despite being large, if there's one thing I love, it's pushing myself as hard as I can, sometimes at top pace even AFTER work, which is always an extra buzz! Smile At least I have toned smexy calves Biggrinflip
I usually pick a station from pandora, something like Arctic Monkeys or Kanye West.
I like Viva La Vida and Clocks too :x . But I prefer playing Coldplay's songs rather than exercising(dancing :3) to them.

Cobra Starship is another group I like, but they haven't come out with a new song that I like yet Sad .

(Btw, what happened to the group Boys like Girls? They came out with like 1 or 2 songs and dissapeared -.-)

Also, the new Duo, Karmin is a group I'm slowly getting addicted to :x, but don't tell anyone, or else Confusedmileshot2: :3 .

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