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Your favorite Piano Solos!!
What is your favorite piano solos? Classical, jazz, new age...any genre will do!

Also check out

maybe we can hang out there sometimes to make some music? :biggrin:
Opeth - "Silhouette" <3
Linus & Lucy

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I love the piano solo at the beginning of Billy Joel's New York State of Mind, but the I love just about anything that man plays.
look at what I found xD

There are so many by Muse, Matthew Bellamy is an amazing pianist!

[Image: 65641-win_o.gif]
I've adored this piece ever since I watched "The Seventh Veil" years ago.

Still wondering what I'll be when I grow up.

@Spades: heh, those are not piano solos..but okay i'll let you pass this time Wink

@Monk: I love that one. Probably one of the most melodic movement of all Beethoven's sonatas imo (along with Moonlight 1st movement ofc) and it's such a huge contrast from 1st mvt. And the best thing is I still remember how to play that song haha

@Ceez: love it.

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