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Zac Efron at HSM 3 London Premiere
i seen it yesteday it was brillant!!:biggrin: Lol2 Bouncer very good songs and dance and sexy men! i loved seeing sexy troy!Bouncer
I haven't seen the film yet...but the new beach photo's are mmmmmmmmmmm!...

[Image: zac2.jpg]

Idol Thoughts: Zac Efron Heads to Hawaii -- And Promptly Goes Shirtless!

Tell me where I can get that picture now(am willing to transfer loads of cash from my offshore bank account). Ahem saw the film with my younger brother on saturday(allways good to have an excuse) And the head of zac was stolen from the cardboard cutout in the lobby(one less thing for my bedroom wall). Id give the film a six out of ten and zac effron a ten.
oh yes!it is a very very very sexy picter of sexy troyConfusedmile: very nice picter. i wont to print it!so i can see him very sexyConfusedmile: Winknudge Scatter Roflmao
:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: !!!!!

..i think that about sums up those pics!
God i aint seen so many people going wild over high school musical 3 hehe.. Took me a while to work out what you people were talking about as i didnt recongise the picture.. Well my view on high school musicals is they are alright to watch once but anymore than that it could be a bit disasterious... Only because the novelty has worn off.. Yet again the only musical ive watched more than once is Little shop of Horrors

Kindest regards

Zeon x
Kinda agree with you zeon they are not the best films of their type but I think everyone is going wild over Zac efron and not the content of the films as such. Just speaking for myself there though in case joseph and co linch me.
Well to be fair to them they are fun musicals for children, and in that sense I think they are extremely successful (although the 3rd one is perhaps a little too long for the younger kiddies) The bright colours, fun dance routines and catchy songs are perfect for kids. Clearly they don't stand up against any of the great musicals of our time, but I do think some of the songs are actually very good! Confusedmile:
ok i concede that they are good films for children but like you implied earlier there are far superior films in this genre. Am going to leave this subject allone now cos I feel the whole hsm thing has been done to death.
i fancy aswel philip olivir now.he is so sexy and gorguse!

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