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hey guys. Seeing as theres a pretty big lack of gay people in my area it would be good to get to know some of you as being 17 it seems to be an awkward age of not knowing where to find people without admitting the truth to friends or have them asking questions. From that you can probably guess i haven't come out to many people yet lol. But yer its working progress... Im hugely into me music and write and perform songs on piano and guitar and whatever i can get me hands on basically lol. Rock is me favourite, but i also love musical soundtracks (annoyingly fitting stereotypes lol). saw Wicked and Lord of the Rings musicals recently and theyr amazing! but you haven't seen anything until you've seen Rent. Something that can give a lot of inspiration to live life the way you want to and keep the friends you love close to you. Anyways enough of that dribble. im a generally nice guy who i think has a good sense of humour and im lookin forward to talkin to some of you if you reply about anything.
well cheers for reading and sorry if you fell asleep
craig XxHappy
Well, welcome ^^
Wow.. I have been noticing that there have been a lot of really young people coming out of the closet lately... Kind of strange... I know a 14 yo that has a crush on me and his sister is one of my good friends. And no I will never go there with him... As the saying goes with my best friend and her mother, 15 will get you 20.
hello Craig and welcome to gayspeak.
We all have been there not knowing a lot of gay people i mean. hope you like the site and make new friends to going out with.

What you mean there is a big lack of gay guys... In harrow, London?
Are you sure ???:biggrin:

Time spent being less than happy is time waistedWavey



lol im sure there are plenty to be hunted down... but not in me current social situation Sad... thanks for the friendly hellos though Big Grin
Heyy craig. Im 18 and In cardiff x]

I know there isnt a lack of gay guys here, but there is in the places I go Tongue

Anyway, have fun with the chat an that cya around.! x
[COLOR="Purple"]As I grow to understand less and less,
I learn to love it more and more.
Hey Graig I am almost 17 tho I have found an amazing boyfriend he is just ideal....tho just stick in gthere you will find someone and always be true to yourself.

I live in Australia tho....
Wow.. I just realized that I never did say Welcome...

Welcome Xyxwave
lol no problem! thanks guys... nice to have such a warm welcome Happy

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