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anybody douche?
yeh iv been looking at what they call 'douches'. really because i was midway thru a fantastic time in bed with a mate of mine and then really badly needed the bog. its not like i hadnt gone for a dump earlier either. now thats not good and spoiled the whole chemistry between us for the rest of the night. i cant let that happen again so whats the best way to make sure you totally and utterly 100% cleaned out before bum sex? douches? what else?
Douche? That sounds like a surfer-esque put down - the sort of thing you’d call someone if you’ve just graduated from Sweet Valley High. This is a job for Google…


Seriously, though. I’ve heard of that happening to a lot of guys (whether they need to go or not). I suppose that logically, when you’re doing stuff down there, it’s going to occasionally make you feel like you need to go. Have you ever waited for the feeling to pass?
never had it before then and this time, yes, i did actually need to go. lol bad news!
As far as I'm aware, douching is the best thing for ensuring your lil botbot is squeaky clean and ready for a good pounding ...

However a lot of people don't know how to douche properly, and that can lead to problems all of their own - you don't want to go too far the other way and surprise your bedfellow with the equivalent of a tidal wave of intimacy now DO ya Grlaugh.

So my advice is to either do it without douching but try and get the timing right - e.g. after going to the toilet and then showering ... fine it might lack a bit of spontaneity, but I think we've already well-established that some spontaneous things are NOT quite as stellar as others, non ? Or, failing that, if you're going to douche before sex, make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
Like shadow said, be careful of too much water. You may think you are empty, but in the throws of passion, you don't want to get your buddy wet w/ the wrong stuff... plus it will STINK worse then anything you can think of.

My recommendation is to buy a kit or use 12 cc syringe and clean out using that a couple of times. Just make sure you do not clean yourself out right before sex b/c the water will mess up the lube and you may not have gotten all the water out, give your colon some time to absorb some of the moisture.

If you dont want to do that, eat plenty of fiber (which you should be doing anyways). This may mean raisin bran or shredded wheat in the mornings
and making sure you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. That should help keep you regular and minimize the problems you might experience in the future.
kl - wot do u guys do? n if nebody has any information, or products they wna show me, jus post some linkage!Biggthumpup
Me personally ?? I have never douched - it's not that I have anything against it - I know that it's popular among pornstars to prevent having to do ... let's say more retakes of scenes than they wish ... but I've never bothered personally.

I just watch what I eat (I'm not religiously into that, but common says chicken vindaloo & massive amounts of anal sex DOES NOT EQUAL a happy ending unless you are one SICKASS puppy), and generally try and get my timing right Confusedmile:.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
lol as in not eatin for a week before sex. that shud work Laugh1
Heeeeeeeeeeey Cool !! Lol.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
Tried douching, but do not like to do it unless I am not feeling confident in my diet.

I eat a LOT of vegetables and whole wheat, so I get lots of fiber. I find it helps 99% of the time. Avoid high fat foods and eating large amounts of protein. Protein in large quantities progresses much slower in the bowels and begins to ferment creating gas and stink of the fecal material, it can even cause constipation. So, keep protein to the recommended amount, eat fresh fruits and vegetables and chose whole wheat products, and you should be fine.

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