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back n happy new year n my past half year
im back now,hehe, my friends..
actually, i did not get on the gay website, watch gay movie, etc. before july last year, i ignore that n control that, it is under the control, but last july, i moved out from the dormitory,n rent an apartment.. so i have space, to get some gay websites, this website is the first one i registered... that time, i m a beginner, n innocent, just imagine, think, write something romantic...
now, half year past, i slept with a guy, leave, date with a guy, break.. things happening, n past... back to here, back to be alone, back to think, back to write... gay's world, could be easy, could be hard...
when u r young, u got pretty face, strong body, time pass by, nothing left, spend the whole life to find an answer, what is the truth, the big dick? the shining ass? sx is a god, n sx is a devil..
dont ask what i mean, i dont even know what im talking, but im not playin, always dont..hope someday u can find ur true love, dont be the old guy in upsSmile

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