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First experience back in 1978
Some people don't believe my first experience story, but I assure it is 100% true.

I was vacationing in Florida with a family member who was "connected" to the government. I was still very young but curious about what life had to offer. I met a guy (an Israeli agent) at the pool who was MUCH older than me and over time we began playing. Eventually, I ended up in his room bottoming for the first time. Surprisingly there was no pain for me at all. It went well and we went our own separate ways. Some had become suspicious of our connection and his government called him back home to face execution. I guess his penchant for young guys extended to the students at the school where he was Headmaster (pun not intended, but appreciated).

I also had other experiences in the woods near where I lived. Most of the neighborhood kids were into sexual play though to my knowledge most of them ended up being straight. Suffice to say I had more experiences before turning 13 than most have before turning 17.

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