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back to school!!!
im going back to school to get my H.S. diploma, and im also trying to get a job does anyone have advice on getting a job quickly? whats the best way to go about it, i honestly will apply anywhere but what like the correct method to follow to up my chances?:confused:
why are you wanting to get a job while studying? are you planning on supporting your own education? i suggest you focus first on your studies...
Best if you can get a job that is related to your career interests. Take a little time to think about what your interests are and where your skills lie. Try to focus your job search in this area. If you are able to do what you love it won't seem like work.
isn't your parents supporting you':?
Hey, I'm not sure what you're exactly looking for as far as type and pay wise. Are you trying to support yourself?

One of my friends got on at Target and she loves it. They work with her school schedule. Is that the kind of thing you're after? She's still living at home though.

I have another friend that is a waiter with one of the chain restaurants and he makes good $$$ in tips but I think you have to be over 21 because of serving alcohol.

That's great that you're going back to school! I'm really happy for you!
i still believe that if you are in school, you should focus on your studies and not try to have work that may get in the way...
to the vigin relax dude i see your opinion and its valid i just want that money so i want a job,what im trying too ask is tips on getting a job like how too ace interviews and honestly i dont care where i work its just a paycheck im looking for,so if you have tips on howto find a job help me out.
How about getting a GED instead. Are there night classes so you can work in the morning?
Good luck and kudos to you. I work in Human Resources/Personnel and having a GED/High school diploma really does make a difference when applying for a job and actually getting it.
Good luck and on interviews, just calm yourself no matter how nervewracking, be confident Smile Present yourself in a professional manner, do not undercredit yourself but also don't appear overconfident. Do not sit until they offer you a seat XD Uh firm handshake I think thats all
exactly.. you can't find anything thru procastination.

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