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beers you should stop drinking at age 30
Haha Fosters... My father has always ridiculed it and called it amniotic fluid because the word "Foster" means Fetus in Swedish and "Fostervatten" (Fetus-water if translated incorrectly) means amniotic fluid :biggrin:

But back to the topic. I like Bella Artois a lot, but its not really popular in Sweden. I got a bit chocked that I could purchase a "Bella" in any bars/pubs and shops :o

But if you want a beer with a lot of flavor, why not Finn brew? Karhu is the brand Smile

[Image: Karhu.jpg]
Sometimes you need a bit of chaos in your life to be able to shrug off pitiful disdain about something meaningless.
:eek: Beer .... I don't like beer ... the last 1/2 bottle I drank in 2003 ... don´t need more ....
But, I prefer the cheap beer for some reason! :frown:
I'm a beer coniseur so I love a good beer. To this day my all time favorite is a Chech beer I used to get in Germany called Krusovice. Can't find it here in the states though. I stay away from the cheap beers, not worth the time. When I was young and dumb though I used to drink Red Dog, talk about nasty.

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