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calling all people in wakefield!!
Hi all, i'm new to the site and want some feedback if poss please....... i'll introduce myself 1st im a 35 y/o straight single mum, as you can prob tell from my name i'm tattooed and also pierced so i'm not exactly "normal" looking, i love to have a laugh and get out and about when i can and just try to enjoy my life ......right on to the reason i'm here..... I have the opportunity to buy a bar in wakefield and would love to make it a gay/lesbian lap dancing bar and just the best place in the area for a great night out ive asked my gay and lesbian friends and they all think its a great idea but not sure if they are just being nice to me! So I would be verrry grateful for your feedback as i really want to get this right ....thanks
Hey Smile

It sounds kewl to me as long as its gonna be a safe and clean place like, I dont reeli do the scene, however if u like openin the bar u gotta do it girl! atleast see how it goes eh? ^__^

Best of luck Big Grin

Hello and welcome to the forums,
I would say that it is a good advice... You may find there is some backlash from the public but does it really matter at the end of the day if you get the punters then who cares on that one.. If your heart is in the place and you feel deep inside its worth trying out then go for it.. If you are unsure or whatnot i know where i live there is a few lapdancing clubs but for hetrosexual people beleive it or not and im living in brighton with a population of 50,000 gay residents and no gay lapdancing bars but the ones here may be able to advise on starting out..

And secondly keep us informed how it is going if you go ahead with it.. This forum is a nice place to be and one im sure ud fit in and enjoy chatting on..

Once again welcome to the forums and best of luck in your chosen career

Kindest regards

zeon x
IYA WELCOME TO GAYSPEAK.COM. I am mark/twazzle and I am the leader. These gays are my b*tches xox

I also dont like gay bars tbh well not really a fan of clubs and shizzle, but if theres an opportunity and you feel you can fulfill the market and maybe attract the niche market of 'The gays' then you really should do it, you obviously need to draw up a business plan then conduct some market research and see if it is a good idea.

You just have to remember that as long as you have evidence it will work, and you will be making profits not only to break even but to have some fun, then it would be worth it.

But id strongly suggest you draw up business plans for it as just a bar, then one for the gay/lesbian bar and work out which benefits you the most and seems to have a longer lifecycle, as overall you'd want a bar which has opportunities right?
[COLOR="Purple"]As I grow to understand less and less,
I learn to love it more and more.
Welcome, tatugirl, I don't know anything about Wakefield, but I wonder if it's a large enough centre of population to serve an establishment as specific as a gay/lesbian lap dancing bar? Unless there is an established scene, you may find it difficult drawing in sufficient custom to meet your overheads, unless you plan for a marketing budget roughly the size of the economy of one of the smaller European countries and are able to offer something very special. Again, I don't know, but I would imagine that the clientele for such an establishment would tend to be nomadic when out for an evening's fun. Presumably you've researched your location as well as your market very thoroughly.

Good luck with your project.

Twazzle Wrote:IYA WELCOME TO GAYSPEAK.COM. I am mark/twazzle and I am the leader. These gays are my b*tches xox ...
You'll notice that we also tolerate occasional visitors from LaLaLand, although I believe this one may have studied business theory and the rest of what he says seems to make some sense.
Welcome to the site. Being an American I cant really comment on the possibility of success with such an adventure but I always tell friends to follow their heart.

Best of luck

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