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christmas things
I haven't seen the snow yet but I thought it would start snowing during the night since it was raining and quite cold. Who knows to what we'll wake up in the morning?
on cristmas mum and hannah and zoe and me and mumboyfrind is coming to her house . on christmas eve it is wwatchsing oliver and singg it!then on cristmas it is turky dinner an t after it was some games. we got a new docterwho game!and cludo and picterery . ilove it!
I've never looked that much forward to Christmas. I usually don't get my Christmas spirrit until a few days before the day itself, and this year I just can't seem to find it at all, and not for the lack of trying. I've been listening to Christmas songs, shopping for gifts, packing in gifts, wearing socks and T-shirts with Christmas pictures, but nothing seems to work. I haven't been that busy for Christmas though. Bought 5 gifts, backed cookies with two of my friends, and that's practically it.
In my country we celebrate Christmas on the evening at the 24th, starts at 6pm, but that's almost never been the case for me. My whole life my dad has been working either a 12 hour day-shift or a 12 hour night-shift that day because he gets so much money for working that day/night. If he's working a day-shift we start Christmas at around 9pm, and if he has night-shift Christmas start around 4-5pm. This year he has a night-shift, so my Christmas start around 5pm. It doesn't matter to me, I'm used to it because that's how it's always been. Although this year is a bit different to every other year in the past. When my dad leaves for work, my mom will drive around an hour out of the city to visit grandma, my sister goes back to her boy-friends place, my brother will go back to his place, and that just leaves me. I had planned to spend the night alone, maybe playing World of Warcraft or something, but tonight I was offered to join a group of people I know, at a friends house, that don't have anybody else to be with. I'm gonna take that offer.

Although I have a massive loads of work to do for new-years night. I'm going to be the DJ at a LGBTQ new-years dance, I'm extremely nervous for it, and I haven't completed the play-list. I have DJ'd three times before, but never alone. I've always had a pro DJ with me. I'm gonna be working from 1-7am, and I'm 100% alone in the spotlight. I'm extremely nervous.
I celebrate all yule holidays as all of them no matter what you believe god to be, are about love and peace the two most important things in life

Joseph as you make your gifts yourself and not buy them they mean more than ANY store bought gift
because they come from your heart not your wallet
im having the christmas i want now - chatting with lots of friends of all ages in a party, even at home we can still talk and wish each other do it on gayspeak.

like joseph - were having a big family idnner with games after and a quiz which my brother in law has made up...we'll pair up with an adult and one of the kids and have a great time - one of my best gifts so far is my sisters little girls hand made written card that she made with her grandma for me - loved it so much - guess im getting old lol - i even read the verses now

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