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clothing style questions
i just found out about forever 21 men, theyre prices are good and they've got the "style" ive been looking for.......i can't wait to have a pink shirtWink and ass hugging jeans. lol
That sounds either gay or 1970s to me... Wink
Other than Forever 21,
I would suggest Armani Exchange, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, and French Connection.
There are tons of cool places to shop in socal... but to keep it simple and nearly fail-proof, you can't go wrong at the Gap, Banana Republic, or Express (for Men ;-) They should each have staff that will be eager to give you some tips Confusedmile:

I love American Apparel but might not be the best place to go if you aren't keen on what works for you yet...
My favorite places are Express, Levis out let, PacSun, Banana Republic, Armani Exchange.
You don't have to spend ton of money, normally simple = more effective.
Last Christmas, I just bought myself some V-neck shirt and skinny jeans. And wow, I look so gay now.

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