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computer it help thread (vpn)
i want VPN / pptp working on my Comcast internet.
any IT peoples setup a Comcast commercial account for vpn

i called comcast support; like talking to a box of rocks
the SMC support guy only did English as his 5th language

I have a SMCd3g cable modem
-my Comcast account has a static ip
-the first router has the open source DDWRT firmware that supports vpn / pptp
-on the DDWRT router i enabled the vpn server, it looks correct

i am using a ios5 iphone (with the wifi = off) as the vpn/pptp client
the iphone cant get in err prompt "a connection could not be established to the ppp server..."

on the cable modem:
-port fwd set all GRE protocol (vpn/pptp) goes the the above vpn server
-i also forwarded port 1723 & 47
-i have a functional port 80 web page up and running

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