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confused about if guy likes me or not
ok first time poster here, went for coffee with a guy, thought it went pretty well. He told me that he needed to go meet a friend for a drink in the city after an hour and a half but he did say 'definitely want to meet again dude' when we left each other. he did not show any romantic interest in me but I don't know if he was just playing it cool. He was also just out of a two week relationship so I'm nout sure why he evne agreed to meet me. Previously to this we chatted on gaydar , exchanged messages, then progressed to texting on cell phones, he never called me cute or anything but i told him he looked good once or twice so he could've slipped it in if he liked me. he suggested we meet up for coffee.
After the date, i texted him a few hours later, i know i probably should have left it for a few days but i was curious as to how he saw me. he replied quickly, we texted for an hour or two. he suggested he take me to gym with him, and i said i would sometime.
next day i didn't text, said i'd give him a break
say after that i texted him later on in the evening just saying hi. he said he was going to the gym and i said i'd leave him to get on with it. he didn't text me back later and it's been a day later now and still no reply from him. Does anyone know if he probably has no interest in me or what? Or is it just a bad time for him with his breakup. i'M so crap with stuff like this, it was my first ever date. i know this is boring but i would love some advice.
thanks, darren
He has some interest in you obvously but maybe try being frineds at first. You still don't know the guy very well yet and don't go jumping into anything too quick.
i cant honestly say - i hope he has every intention to meet u again as u sound a genuine nice guy , if he does then fantastic . if not .... u havnt lost out... u were out there on a date.. u had a good time, u werent pushy, u gave the guy time to get in touch....your gonna do ok mate with that approach,,, dont worry as i think someone will soon see u as a great catch
Two weeks - are you sure you want to be a rebound fling?

These sorts of rebound relationships rarely work out, and the person who is doing the rebound (him in this case) doesn't have time to work through the emotions that the breakup leave him with, thus he never fully 'heals'.

He most likely is looking for a friend. Can you be that and not push for more?
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No interest. You should give up. Typical case

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