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curious and scared
I have urges and have for a few years, at first i thought it was just when i was aroused and thoughts and desires would enter my mind, but it soon became apparnt that some times the thoughts and desires caused me to become aroused.

I have recently started to admire men and their naked appearance, like any person i seem to have a type i prefer and types i do not.

Unsure whether it is just arousal causing it and scared to do anything about it, i dont have any close friends i can talk to about it who wouldnt just make a laugh and a joke about it.

could really use some advice

Sexuality is about more than what turns you on. Sure that's part of it but, not all of it.

Imagine yourself sitting on the front porch at 80. Are you with a man or a woman?

Who can you see yourself building a life with, even if you couldn't have sex ever again, who would you love?

There's your answer and, by the way, you might choose either, that's okay too.
its not just when im aroused but thats wen it seems to be more prominent
Don't worry too much you know just maybe meet a guy that you like and you will know when the time comes I'm sure Smile
You are over thinking this to the max, it's 100% natural to be attracted to both genders.
Look around you, most animals are Bisexual .

There is nothing wrong with you.

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