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Ok, this is not a thread about cut or uncut and which one you prefer.
I just want to ask in which countries guys are cut and what's the reason and how is the situation now.
I have to point that I have never seen any guy with a cut penis in life. I have heard that Americans are cut. all of them? do parents still cut the foreskin of their sons now? it's all about health?
Any country in Europe where guys are cut?

Here I'd share one story from few years ago which makes me still smiling. so I met an american guy in person and we were chatting about many things and then he asked me "are you cut or uncut?" and there was a few seconds pause before I understood what he was asking and I was like "I'm normal." He kinda got offended but not really, it was funny and we laughed. but at that age I believed only uncut was normal and the other was "wrong." I definitely changed my mind as I grew up and I know it doesn't matter Smile
i am, and most people that i know in the US are. when my son was born, there was a list of health reasons they gave us to have him circumcised. at the top of it being infection and keeping it clean is alot easier. there was no ritual, no celebration, it took about 2 seconds in the dr. office and it was done. i bet he cant even remember it happening. (though i have never asked him and i think that would be a really weird question to ask a 5 yr old) haven't thought anything of it till now.
The majority of Americans are cut, I am, it used to be thought that an uncircumcised penis had cleanliness issues and was more prone to infection. There are also religious reasons some people get it done, Jewish men are required to be circumcised, some Christian sects that subsribe to the old testament still do it for religious reasons. There are however a lot of people in the US, me being one of them who believe that it's not a decision that someone's parents should make, that the owner of the penis should be allowed to make that decision themselves. If I could go back to my birth I would tell my parents I don't want it. That being said, it's a topic a lot of people feel strongly about, for me, if I ever have a son or sons, I will place some money in an account for them at their birth, and when they are old enough to understand the issue, let them make that choice and if they want it I'll provide it then, but I wouldn't do it to them.
Both my boys are uncut ,no offense meant here to anyone , but I find the whole thing barbaric.
I had no problems teaching them to keep clean and neither of them have ever had a problem.

No doctor advised me to have the boys done . it's not a big issue here in Australia.

One of my dear friends who married an Israeli guy and converted to Judaism had both her sons circumcised for religious beliefs.

I guess to them being cut is normal.
Had to have it cut as it was too tight, agony.
Really wish i hadn't, but when you are 3 years old, you just want the pain to go away.:redface:
They didn't do a good job either.:frown:
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Circumcision has bothered me since I was a kid. I have always viewed it in the same way that I view child molestation. It should be against the law except in the rare cases when it is absolutely necessary and even then there are usually other options available, rather than circumcision. Sexually speaking, the intact penis is a lot more fun and hygiene is not difficult to maintain. Circumcision removes approximately 1/2 to 2/3 of the erogenous tissue from a boy's penis at a time when he is too young to consent. Some men may like being circumcised, but there are some men that like being eunuchs. Why not let the individual that has to wear the penis decide. The biggest problem is that fathers in the U.S. desire that their sons be circumcised in order to make them feel better about their own circumcisions. In this regard, there is no difference from the women in some countries where girls are subjected to genital mutilation.
If a man desires a more natural look, then he might want to consider foreskin restoration. It won't bring back everything, but it can provide for a very natural appearance. I've been at it for four years and I've gone from a tight circumcision to about 90% covered while flaccid. I still have a long way to go before I reach my goal. I also may choose to have some minor touch-up surgery as well. My primary reason for restoring is symbolic in nature. I view circ as a religious procedure that goes under the guise of a medical procedure. I have nothing against circumcision if that is what a consenting adult chooses, but cutting on little boy's penises to satisfy a cultural norm is wrong on every level.
Up until the 1990's I guess it was pretty routine for a boy to be circumcised in Australia, in the last 20 years there has been a huge shift away from circumcision, and I would say a majortiy of under 20 year old are uncircumcised.

Reasons for circumcision vary from relgious tradition to like father like son, but the need to be circumcised for medical reasons would be the minority and still would be.
In Germany only for health reasons.... or if someone want it if he is old enough to decide for himself - maybe for hygienical reasons.
I know as I was a kid that my mother has taken care that the boys learn to hold it clean AND movable...

In Germany till 1945 it was critical to be cut.... to be cut was a sign that someone maybe was not "Aryan".... and a lost Foreskin was a sign that someone maybe was jewish, SS and Gestapo controlled it if someone had no or bad papers. You can see it very good in the movie "Europe, Europe" from Sally Perel
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Between the 1950's and the 1990's circumcision in American Hospitals was as regular has having the umbilical cord tied off. Doctors all knew that foreskin lead to infection, disease and that boys were just unable to keep themselves clean down there. Rolleyes

It was a popular myth, one that grew to be considered fact, until the 1980's when people started questioning these 'facts'.

During the 1990's there has been a decrease in circumcisions performed as normal delivery practice with the steepest declines starting around 2005 as more parents are opting out.

Men 30 years or older born in the USA are most likely to be cut. Younger men will be less likely to be cut with young boys 10 years and older being being more likely to be uncut. States that:

The slide portrays a precipitous drop in circumcision, to just 32.5 percent in 2009 from 56 percent in 2006.

It is possible that we are entering the new era when only those with foreskin issues and for religious reasons will be circumcised.

It has been a subject of controversy, there was a time not to many decades ago when a parent telling the doctor to NOT cut their kid's foreskin off was seen as a kin to child abuse. Today this is all changing with force circumcision seen as a form of abuse.
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im circumcised –its good I think

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