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date advice
ok i have a date Monday, its my first date with him and its my second date ever and im nerves. the first date i ever had went well but that guy just wanted to be friends.

but any ways i have no clue on what to be like on a date i mean what to talk about, body language and physical contact. by physical contact i mean hug or a kiss.
we are going to the cinema on Monday to see that walter mitty comedy. so i haven't a clue what is appropriate for the date.

so any ideas on what not to do? and what to do to show that im interested in him?
how should i be in the movie has of course we can't talk but should i try being close to him.

please don't take the mikky out of this tread i am really nerves about the date and i don't want to mess up.
thank you for taking time to read this
I'm useless at dates I've only had one but I wasn't even sure she knew she was on a date and that was 3 years ago so I'm not in the best position to comment but I think you may be overthinking slightly just go out to have a good time with him and be yourself. Also try to do things that help you take your mind off it. That'll hopefully keep your nerves down Smile
Good luck!!!
Be yourself.

The purpose of dating is to get to know one another while having fun. Are you prone to throwing yourself at people for a hug? If no, then don't do it now.

Look at this along the lines of two buddies going to go watch a movie. Straight buddies - don't focus on 'does he like me?' and strive to force him to fall in love with you.

Lets say that you had absolutely no romantic interest in him but he was a friend - what would you and your friend do when you go watch a movie?

Try doing those things.

He is most likely as nervous as you are. It may actually help if you tell him point blank, "I want do be friends first, so lets treat most of this evening like we are best buddies out on the town."

How much is most? That depends on how well you two connect as friends.

I'm uncertain if you two are going to want to cuddle while at the theater. Two men sitting side by side cuddling often leads to muttered comments that ruin the film. There most likely will not be much in the way of public displays of affection (PDA) during this and other dates. I don't know the town you are in or how tolerant folk are.

Do get a (one (1)) large popcorn to share. Nothing shows interest more than swapping germs the old fashion 'through our food' method. Almost as intimate as swapping saliva, but more on the down-low to where the natives won't get all upset and making their comments.

First dates can end with a quick kiss on the cheek. Depends on where the date ends and how much privacy you have. I would refrain from aiming for a 'home run' (sex) on a first date. If you are seriously looking for a relationship, then both of you should be willing to get to know each other a little before intimacy.

So who offered to take whom out? If he offered to take you out, this most likely means 'his treat' - but I strongly suggest you have money in your pocket just in case he has decided that the tickets are on both of you. Snacks - you should offer to buy. Depending on how old fashioned he is, he may beg off and insist on paying all the way. Do offer, but don't be insistent.

Now for casual touch that sends a message of interest but won't alarm the natives nor be overtly sexual.

Sit side by side next to each other. If things have been going well part your legs slightly and let your knee that is closest to him lean slightly toward him and gently brush up against him. If he has similar interests he will press his leg against yours.

Two men sitting side by side with an 'accidental' legs touching is 'safe' in most circumstances. It will convey your interest to him, and his two yours.

If he pulls his leg away don't take it personally. Understand that he may not feel comfortable with the natives all around. So it may not be a personal slight.

I would strongly suggest you steer clear of the 'stretch' and putting an arm around him in theater, not until you get to know his feelings about PDA.

Breath. Most people tend to forget to breath in these sorts of situations. Don't be afraid to take a couple three deep breaths now and again.

And lest I forgot to convey this, be yourself. Yeah I know you want to impress him and coax him into your lair - understand that if you pretend to be something you are not 6-9 months later when you drop this pretense it will not end well for either of you.

Oh and have fun.
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[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

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be yourself, calm down, relax, and go with flowwwwwwwwwwww
also forgot to mention hes shy and isn't into PDA. when that was the vibe i got i should have said that before so im probly looking for nonpublic hints, so Bowyn Aerrow thanks that advice is brilliant.
Talk about him. Everyone loves to talk about themselves. I'm work in the business of talking to people about themselves. u.u
People like to feel important like that even tho they aren't all that
Little touches are nice so brushig of the hand in the popcorn or like already mentioned the legs side by side, you can probably do that really easy with your shoukders too so some touches and relax into each other
At the end of the day its a movie so enjoy that in his company dont be too worried about anything during
And before/after the movie just talk be nice and friendly and yourself, let him get to know you and vica versa
ok date is in an hour extremely nerves but excited as i found out he has a thing for guys who are skinny and have black hair Smile
Well now is the hour Wink good luck!!!
well the movie was good, but theres no second date he wants to just be friends. well my luck, i just can't get a break. dates seem pointless now

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