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disability mony
#1 very sressed becase it s a intervow with a docter abot going to work abd disability mony . they will say why you not go to work.i work in a cafy but not get them wont me to getting a job an not disiability mony.i wont a job but i not got one yet .im worryed t if get toled of beacase i never had a job yet . im worryed i not alloed disabilty mony anymore :frown:did anyone else have it .
Hi Joseph even though you will be getting a job you will still be able to have money for your disability also they can't just stop giving it to you. They will be saying that because the government is making cuts and unfortunately it includes benefits. Don't be worried I'm sure your mum or dad can sort this out for you, you will be entitled to some sort of benefits. Also I'm sure you'll be able to find a job in Newcastle, there are lots of places around town that are looking for people. I know fir a fact there is a jobs centre in Newcastle because I walk passed it every day :-) don't be worried take things as ypthey come but most of all get support from your mum dad and family. Confusedmile:
Hi Joseph,

You do not state if you’re on Disability Living Allowance or the old sickness benefits. Anyway with Disability Living Allowance you do not need to go for an interview for that one benefit, because it’s intended to allow those with disabilities to lead a normal life like going to work.
However, the old Sickness benefits now called “Employment and Support Allowance involves a medical assessment called the Work Capability Assessment. This assesses what you can do, rather than what you cannot, and identifies the health-related support you might need.” Further “Under Employment and Support Allowance, if you have an illness or disability that severely affects your ability to work, you will get increased financial support. You will not be expected to prepare for a return to work. You can volunteer to do so at any point if you want to.” For further reading please follow this link.

Even if things don’t go your way at the interview you still have the right to appeal, always remember the doctor’s decision is not always final. Still I wish you the very best when you go for your interview.
Hello Joesph,
Dont stress about getting told off... Doctors have to be cauious about disability money because they get their hands rapped otherwise by higher up... A friend of mine has got a disability and it took him 15 years of continual fighting to get it but dont give up... The problem is now where so many people who arent dfisabled claimed benefits they have spoilt it for the rest so you can only do what you can do and by all meanms keep working towards getting a job sorted and achieving something without life becvause eventually you will get to where you want to be and the good thing about not getting paid for work is it doesnt affect your benefits its showing that your willing to work and ontop of that it shows that you can leave that job at any time regardless of service experience as you havent got a contract with voluntary hours Smile

Kindest regards

zepomn x
yes i just been wprryed about it.i wont to work i feel gielty
Don't feel guilty Joseph, if you are entitled to it, its ok Confusedmile:
I don't think you should feel guilty. Disability money is for people, who, like you, need financial support to sustain their daily life. You are most certainly allowed to have it, as you have until now. If you are not sure what things mean, please ask Hannah to help you understand it. I think it is great if you can get a job that is paid properly, but I don't think it will necessarily mean that you won't get your disability money any more. As Zeon said, there are people out there who aren't really disabled and who are getting that sort of money, but that is not your case. If the doctor says you can work, then it's rather a good thing, don't you agree? Take this news as a positive thing, Joseph.
i had the waas sress.
the interview the hardest bit joseph so that out of the way noe m8 Smile . hope u had someone with you so u could follow everything that was said - i always do that just incase i miss something, they will alwaya allow you to work mate and if you dont earn enough to cover all bills etc then they will give you a disability allowance still to make the money up ,,, dont ever feel guilty about that - they have a figure that they think you can live on and if you dont earn that then you get your allowance as well
Hi Joseph have you received the decision from your medical examination, I hope it went your way??
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