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first date sexual question
If I were to go on my first date with a Guy what is to far of things head that way. Should I just tease him and call it a day, hand job, suck him good or just let him do what he wants.
I would say its between you two. Sometimes you might just have a nice evening and say goodbye, sometimes you might jump in the bed the first night... go with the flow, but use protection if things go that way.
NO SEXUAL contact on the first date kiss maybe go to dinner or dancing get to know your guy.
but if sex is all you want play safe
I would say the same ... sex on the first date is bad style.... on the first date i would not even talk about sex....
and I am old ..and wise .... :confused: OK... old only....
i say to know your guy first before having sex thats just my opinionConfusedmile:
First date? If you know him well, tease him why not. If you don't.. I'd wait.
A first date is where you start finding out where the ground is. Sex can be a great cement in a relationship, but if you want whatever you build together to last you might want to consider a decent foundation and a few quality building materials first? Of course, sex on a first date isn't necessarily going to spoil the relationship, but it might end up being a distraction from getting the other stuff in place. If, however, relationship longevity isn't much of a priority, you might decide to follow where events lead as long as you are both okay with that and play safe.

PA and I had about twenty-four hours together the first time we met in real life and we made the most of that time, specially since we had no idea when or if we would be able to meet again. However, we had already been writing to each other daily for several months, so we already knew quite a lot about each other. It did take me a few more months (when we next met) to decide that the relationship maybe had a future and that I would like to try to commit to it. I think PA had already made up his mind long before and he was hoping I would come round to the same conclusion. Eight years later we are still together and probably stronger than ever. I don't know whether that means we broke our own "rules" or not!

I suppose everyone's journey takes a different route.

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