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hello all
you mean where it says chat room?
No Dave, the Chat rooms are a red button in the USER CP bar, the bar just below ought to be CHAT BOX if it's not DONATIONS... check it out, and unscroll that chat box, if it's closed, there are little arrows on the right hand side of the bar, and if you click on the words CHAT BOX it'll offer the option of having the whole page of it...
Oh, but you've got to be on the main page:
You can't see it? It's right there, you could also try going here I guess.

GaySpeak Gay Forums | Message Board | Chat - Smilies
Welcome Mr. Lonely!
Hi Mr Lonely and welcome
The Chat box has a post limit to be "Seen" me thinks.Confusedmile:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
I thank you all for your welcome and for putting up with my computer ignorance/stupidity lol.
I think i am making some friends here and for that, too, you have my thanks. I do not remember it being so hard in the past to move and start over perhaps I am just getting old................. NAAAAHHH
Not getting old, these things always change, and never stay the same for too long. It's the new technologies culture, things have to move fast, and change fast and be remodelled fast... It's a pain sometimes. That's why when you find a piece of software that you like, it's always a bit of trouble updating it, because you're never sure it's going to be easy to use it as you did with the previous version... I had trouble with Word 2007 and now 2010 after using Word 2003 with pleasure for so many years... Can't understand why they can't stick to some of the basics that make us comfortable users?
There is no commercial sense in producing products which last for years. Making money is their prime directive, even if the consumer does not need it.
Hello and welcome. I am barely computer savvy myself, just a know-it-all that will talk you to death so if you like to talk hit me up any time!! lol

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