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how much sex is normal or safe
Hi guys im talking about anal by the way.

I have a guy friend who i liked very much, he was good looking, well endowed, etc.
We didnt do it though.

He insists on wanting anal sex, like maybe all the time, or 90% of the time. Ive never done anals and i dnt think i want to. I have a hard time in the bathroom lately, or just this year, and it sort of runs in my family (this bathroom problem), my dad told me that his hemorrhoids dont disappear (im like who cares nobody will see it anyway, but i didnt tell him that). I didnt look at mine but i think there is Sad

Anyway all the more i am turnedoff the prospect of his well endowed schlong, im pretty sure i will bleed all over like a virgin on her wedding night. Now he has a gf who he claims to me that he anals every night, every morning and every time they have a chance (public schools on a dark night, at the park, in his car, at mt. whitney, etc) and i am really curious as to how this is even safe or normal..

Ever since i was a kid my mom owned a beauty salon, of course we had gay beauticians, etc, i overhear stuff abt sex and etc. one of them told me that gay people dont do anals every day, that its just reserved for a special occasion, like you know anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Not 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, like my guy friend claims. I was also told that there was a gay beautician in our parlor who had to undergo surgery because he could no longer hold his poop in, or it was bleeding.

Well i take this all in no jugement, when you grow up like this without seeing it was bad or good or w/e, its just neutral to you. I just wonder what is it really, can you do it everyday like my hetero guy friend claims (he also says it doesnt overstretch the anal muscles) or you can only do it on special occasions?

also a follow up question, now that i have bathroom problems, and i might have a hemorrhoid risk, should i still reconsider anal sex , maybe with a small schlong or medium guy friends was really big like his girth was like a can of coke.

OK HungryAtNight, since you are in the United Arab Emirates, I suppose this is a delicate question to ask around you Wink or even to mention to your doctor. Your doctor, however would be able to tell you if you are suffering from haemorrhoids. You should have it checked.

If you do, then anal sex might be uncomfortable (probably will be) and I would be cautious, if I were you.

But the reality of anal sex is that it is not harmful if it is done gently and with enough lubrication. The anus does not have any natural lubrication, and does not stretch like a vagina, but it can stretch to some extent. So you'd need some gel or other lubricant. It is also a good idea to use condoms if you are going to do this with someone whose HIV status you don't know.

One way of finding out if you could do it, is maybe to try inserting a finger or two (lubricated) into your anus to see if it hurts of if you can manage to relax. Breathing properly is also key in making this penetration possible. Many advise to push the sphincter out before insert anything, because it eases the movement going the other way.

Then, if you have the possibility to try with sex toys, then again it will prepare you and tell you if you can do it.

Some gays don't like anal sex and don't do it, others like it and probably do it quite often. There is no rule in matters of sexuality. It also depends on the degree of intimacy between two men and whether they are afraid of STIs or not. Personal problems of hygiene and health, or mental health could be other deterrents to anal sex.
Good luck discovering that part of your sexuality.
HAN, I don't really believe the girth being like a can of Coke, unless it's a thin can. Take out a tape measure and measure it. An average girth is 12.5 / 13 centimetres. Bigger than that would be maybe 15-16 centimeters, but a can of Coke is bigger than than. Let's be realistic. Wink

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