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in need
hey thanks for the response everyone Smile tried to reply individually with private messages but apparently i need to make 20 posts first, quite an annoying rule ! you all sound like really nice blokes and have cheered me up, i will try to make 20 posts asap so i can send messages and get to know you all better. cheers you beauties! Smile
also if someone could let me know what counts as a post? is it just a reply to a thread or is it a new thread entirely?
Hi George, I've only just joined today and yeah people seem quite nice so far.
I'm always up for talking if you ever need to Smile
Hey George, first off welcome and secondly any reply counts as a post. I'm trying to build them up myself ha :-P

I have had so many friends who have had to make long term relationships work and they have, but I know how much they went through not being able to physically see their partner for a long time. It's tough, but talking and all that helps, at least that is what they told me ^.^ I've never been in the position though, whether that is a blessing or a curse I dunno ha.

Anyway yeh if you have any other questions feel free to ask ^.^
hey george and welcome to gayspeak.
Hey George! I just joined yesterday and as many people have said already, this site is filled with many people to help you out and the vast knowledge of everyone on here is quite amazing. We are all here for you! I'm here if you ever need someone to talk with!
Hi George! Looks like we've topics in common to talk to. LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP!!! Anyway, welcome to GS and I'm always here for you(to be your listener) when you needs one! Cheers!

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