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is my best friend gay
so i like my best friend, his parents also love me. He doesnt know that i am gay yet (to afraid to tell him) tell me what you all think of this: He brushes up against me alot and when we touch he doesnt pull away. We were sitting on a big couch together with another guy, and he was sitting so close to me that we were touching, when there was a giant space between him and the other guy. this girl gave him a gay magazine with a party advertised when i was sitting next to him and said he should go to it and he said "I LOVE IT!" he didnt put the magazine down right away, he looked at it and smiled for a little while. He told me that he is uncomfortable around gay people sometimes and says "thats so gay" about stuff. Yet he told me that a gay man was one of his favorite people, and he even spent the night at a gay guys house that he is friends with! i thought that was a pretty good sign. He even once put it on a tv show were gay guys were showing affection and i just watched the tv (i think he was trying to see my reaction) and when i didnt react he said "i have trouble watching gay people show affection". he even told me he watches chelsea lately sometimes, and he broke the news to me that oprah is getting her own TV channel! he has also bragged to me that he has slept with 100+ girls! is he gay, or atleast bi? he wants to spend time with me ALL THE TIME and wants me to come over everyday. What should i do? He also has had me try on some of his clothes and gave me some of his clothes, and said my butt looked good in his jeans. He even put a hat on me and adjusted it so it looked good once. he also looks at my mouth alot when i talk. I never see him hanging out with girls because he is with me all the time! I have never got proof of him hooking up with girls, just what he has told me. I also catch him looking at guys when i am with him in public, they are usually ones that i think are hot.
i think hes gay i also think hes just afraid to come out and i also think he really REALLY LIKE you a lot that's my opinion on it

oh and welcome to the forum
I think that you should just summon all your strength and courage and come out to him. Without telling him that you like him, just saying "hey Im gay.." Watch his reaction closely and...well, you'll decide what to do from then on. And maybe he will say that he likes you come out to him..who knows...Good luck and please come back to tell us what you've decided to do and what's been happening.
He sounds gay to me Smile i'm sure the "sleeping with 100's of girls" is just a cover up ^_^ welcome to the forum hope all works out.
short answer from me is - yes he's gay

and he sounds like he's nervous about saying something just like you
so i dunno i suppose i'll just ask

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