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knowing the sex was good when...
Good sex is if you both cum. Great sex is when you both cum together at the same time.
Hot thread Pellaz...Xyxthumbs I love ALL of the replies thus far though I tend to lean away from the more "clingy" type scenarios these days and more towards the task(s) at hand. I don't really have enough gay experience to know for sure about same sex (though I certainly intend to find out, woof) but as for str8 sex I know for sure when she cums first after lots of attention and then remains engage for me with equal skill and intent.

I must close this reply with a wink on the pup daring to disobey because he simply canNOT keep his eyes diverted from what he wants and needs! hmmmm Sagrin
Heart  Life's too short to miss an opportunity to show your love and affection!  Heart
Works the same with men, Rox Smile If he cums first, then stays with it and does as good for me as I did for him - it's good Smile

I agree Bowyn, and bad sex is when he cums and you fall asleep.

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