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laura nyro was a lesbian great music
Laura Nyro ˈnɪəroʊ near-oh (October 18, 1947 – April 8, 1997) was an American songwriter, singer, and pianist. She achieved considerable critical acclaim with her own recordings, particularly the albums Eli and the Thirteenth Confession and New York Tendaberry, and had commercial success with artists such as Barbra Streisand and The 5th Dimension recording her songs. Her style was a hybrid of Brill Building-style New York pop, jazz, gospel, rhythm and blues, show tunes, rock and soul.[1]

Between 1968 and 1970 a number of artists had significant hits with her songs The 5th Dimension with Blowing Away, Wedding Bell Blues, Stoned Soul Picnic, Sweet Blindness, Save The Country and Black Patch; Blood, Sweat & Tears and Peter, Paul & Mary with And When I Die; Three Dog Night and Maynard Ferguson with Eli's Coming; and Streisand with Stoney End, Time and Love, and Hands off the Man (Flim Flam Man). Nyro's best-selling single was her recording of Carole King and Gerry Goffin's Up on the Roof.[1]

On December 7, 2011, it was announced that Laura Nyro would be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the April 14, 2012 induction ceremony.[2]

from Wikipedia
I was so happy to hear Nyro was an inductee this year...I was rooting for Rufus and Chaka Khan but I loved Laura Nyro so I was at least partially happy...I like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Website alot.

I saw Laura Nyro a few times when I was time in Santa Cruz I got to tell her how much I loved her show afterward............

...I liked when she sang "And When I Die" even though Blood Sweat and Tears had a hit with it...Nyro wrote SOOOOOOOOO MANY songs that other people had hits with...kinda like Carole King at the time...but I preferred alot of the songs when she sang them herself...

...I liked her own version of Wedding Bell Blues as well better than the Fifth Dimension's version...

So nice that you gave a nod to Laura Nyro...she was truly a great artist and worthy of the Hall of Fame and she was a lesbian as well and someone worthy of our respect as an artist and as a person. When she died I was sad...I made a post about Nyro on another board I used to post one knew who she was or maybe no one cared.....

...and from the Monterey Pop Festival...Poverty Train...OMG......I remember how much I loved her when I hear her sing this..Chilling Peformance and song....

Elis Coming

Wedding Bell Blues

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRRxXJrxUYYVmjz8KLDG2G..._p6URKKeCw]
I just checked the RR Hall of Fame Website to see if they have announced the artists who will be performing this year..nothing yet. I wonder who will do Laura Nyro? I hope maybe Tracy Chapman?
i voted for john kerry in 2004 and was very depressed bush won again
i was playing save the country i remember
in retrospect i think kerry is nothing anyway but not sure
there are reasons he sucks too
HollandofFrance Wrote:i voted for john kerry in 2004 and was very depressed bush won again
i was playing save the country i remember
in retrospect i think kerry is nothing anyway but not sure
there are reasons he sucks too

I thought this thread was about Laura Nyro...but...Ok....I betcha Laura would have voted for Kerry too...and I am positive she would have voted for Obama. She was a feminist and I doubt she would supported anyone who thought they could tell a woman what they can or cant do with their own body.
she and Carole king are probably democrats
Neil young liked Reagan

Alice cooper is a republican and johnny Ramone

i suppose some get neutral and dont vote like maybe jackson browne was back in 1980or was it the 70s?

theres a rumor on internet john Lennon was a closet Reagan lover he did hang out with alice cooper i think

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