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living > a random act of kindness
a new thought for me (i am an emotionally lazy person)
the living of a life with greater than random act of kindness:

i spent Christmas week with the in-laws:
-The family lives in a small red neck town, possibly the kkk central of NAmerica. The environment is negative towards its gay population. No gay resources or exposure to a big pool of different cultures.
-They are old; 79.9 years old both of them, old enough to get away with just not caring any longer if they wanted to.
-They are very religious and active in their fundamentalist ethnic church. Gay as an abomination is an option.
-Not even having a remedial education, they come form an age where you could work hard in your live to get moderate success. They don't know what critical thinking is. Don't read science fiction.
-Their only son is camp and knew he was very gay since third grade. they also have a daughter who raised 2 children, she is still married but a grandmother.
-They are first generation Hispanic and speak a mixture of spanish and english at home. They can read and write both languages.

They accept me into their house (i am the first one) as their son's bf / husband. They love their son and daughter equally and hug and kiss each other frequent. He is openly gay to them and yes very camp and takes a half hour shower twice a day. I in turn installed a gas furnace they bought at home depot. The dad never talked about jesus to me while we cut/threaded new pipe and replaced existing cloth wiring. The parents love is UNCONDITIONAL and they don't blame their environment, religion or education They dont know that they just MAKE IT HAPPEN.

On the other hand; i have two large house dogs that live together "well enough", never fight. I kenneled them together for the week in the same space. They had a BIG dog fight while in the kennel and needed stitches. So they are back at home living well enough again. Both have a bad gimp, on antibiotics, moving slooow, one dog's ear is shorter. The other has stitches in his eye lid. Both front paws are missing fur, augmented with more stitches.

Living together "well enough" the modern state of the art; is now not sufficient.

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