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misleading therapist, what do you think
I have applied some undue stress upon myself this last year, toiling with my sexuality. Trying to force it one way our another. My thoughts were on the verge of making me explode, that's when I came out. I just couldn't take it any more. O was 28 when I did it has relieved pressures and allowed my mind to relax, in this relaxation memories came bubbling up to the surface. More than I can handle.

I saw a therapist, in the sessions I had with him he told me that people choose their sexuality, and gay men choose it from having an uninvolved father. We seek male ness in sexual relationships. And that if I really wanted to be straight I could.

The life time of memories don't just go away. I tried every thing I could think of to not be bisexual. Nothing worked.

Is this common for therapists to say these things?
Report Him.

His "opinion"...and it IS just in conflict with every single professional psychiatric association.

I suspect he is talking about himself.
I agree, report him, that is simply his personal opinion, not what he should be telling a patient. That is also very Freudian, blame the parents and definitely not in line with any professional data or training today.

He just as well have said you chose to be bisexual because you were abused, because you mother didn't love you, because you had a crush on a boy and a girl both at age 3... seriously, he's way off base and has no business telling you that.
Report him, it is unethical and a breach of the medical professions code of conduct.

To imply that you choose your sexuality or that homosexuality is an illness is infact illegal in that profession. Counsellor must remain objective.

Find a GLBT recommended therapist.
That is revolting , the man is a moron and completely unprofessional.
He has no right to shove his own uneducated opinions and theories down your throat as facts.

Hank sweetie, do not listen to him , the man is an idiot and needs reporting.
I shudder to think how many people he has scarred for life.
Not all therapists are the same, there are good ones and bad ones, obviously this one is questionable. They should be a facilitator, the good ones should allow you to help you to find a path of understanding of your problems, and if you are exposing this means that you haven´t lost your critical thinking which is a good and somehow you know what are you looking.
I directly asked him, and he explained that it is absolutly a choice. I studied psych in college and his support for that seemed flimsy. I stopped seeing him but I never reported him. perhaps I should
You know, I'm really starting to lose what respect I had for psychology (and to be clear I'm talking about the discipline itself, not just the profession).

And I recall reading somewhere that the less a counselor was educated the better people tended to do under the said counselor or therapist. Perhaps then what's best is to find someone with good people skills outside your social circle willing to listen and provide a sympathetic ear (and cold reading skills even better as long as they're genuinely trying to help)...especially now that I think that's the ONLY thing most of them have going for them now (when they're not screwing over those who see them out of ignorance, projecting their own issues onto their clients, or corruption).
One thing that really gets me is that hetrosexual professionals have all the answers for the gay community. Don't believe a word that this man has told you. It is plain rubbish. You do not choose your sexuality, you are born that way......... Your fathers involvement in your childhood had nothing to do with the fact you are gay, bisexual or whatever............ There are plenty of men that have been raised by their mothers alone and have had no contact with their fathers and they are not gay.

If you believe a word he says, I'm gonna slap you..........Wink
Bricg1970 Wrote:Not all therapists are the same, there are good ones and bad ones

this ^

i've had a lot of therapists , so i've inevitably come across some really really awful ones . i remember one therapist i had when i was about fourteen told me to "grow up and eat something" which was pretty much one of the worst ways to deal with a lifelong anorexic -__-

i agree with everyone here , you should definitely report him ...

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